How to Nail a Broadway Audition & Get the Part

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Step 1: Go on a lot of auditions
Go on as many casting calls as you can. It’s the best way to gain experience and confidence.

Don’t be bashful about re-auditioning for a show that turned you down; people are sometimes hired the second or even third time around.

Step 2: Bring a headshot
Bring a professional headshot that looks like you in daily life, as opposed to a glammed-up version. Directors and producers don’t like it when actors look nothing like their photo.

Step 3: Don’t go in costume
Wear clothes that suggest you have an understanding of the show so the director can envision you in the part. But don’t show up in full costume.

If it’s exclusively a dance audition, just wear your dance clothes.

Step 4: Pick the right song
If you’re auditioning for a musical, pick audition songs that reflect the period or genre of the show – not the show itself. You can prepare a few from the actual show, but only sing them if you’re asked to. Sing just 32 bars of a song unless otherwise specified.

Have your sheet music organized for the pianist: Mark where the music should start and end, and put it in the right key.

Step 5: Rehearse your scene
If you’re auditioning for a drama, rehearse the “sides” – a few pages from the script that you are provided with in advance of the audition. Bring the pages to the auditioning venue; it’s common to hold them while you perform.

Step 6: Jump right in
At the audition, greet the people judging you and then begin your performance; don’t ask them for direction. If you make a mistake, keep going, or ask if you may start again. No one is looking for or expecting perfection.

Step 7: Go with the flow
If the director asks you to try something different, do it without argument, no matter how terrified or ill-equipped you feel. They are checking to see how well you take direction and how easily you go with the flow.

Step 8: Act confident
Exude confidence, or at least fake it. After all, you’re an actor!

Did You Know?
Actor Ben Vereen was so impressive at his audition for the play Pippin that the director changed the age of a character to give him the part.

76 thoughts on “How to Nail a Broadway Audition & Get the Part”

  1. This video means well, but I have to say there are is some questionable advice in here. A few things: Your sheet music should be in a binder, not loose pages. Also, I wouldn’t advise shaking hands with anyone when you enter a room. Anyway, break legs!

  2. SteffanyRaeLynch

    you nail it by being the best for the part .. in the directors vision .. thats it .. purely chance .. or compensation of physical or monetary

  3. the thing she said about re-auditioning is so true. Miley Cyrus had to audition for Hannah Montana 3 times before she got the role.

    1. Yes but that was a little different. She was brought back to be in callbacks before she got the part. In Broadway or other live theatre places, you can go to open calls, not get the part, then go audition again and get the part.

  4. DO NOT ask to start again. Memorizing your lines are important, but bringing attention to your faults are a big no-no. Brush it off and continue with the monologue.

  5. But even if everybody watches this, and they all do it,  the judges have to pick ONE person for the part STILL. So getting the part is not guaranteed,,,

  6. some of these steps should not be done at an audition. 1. if you’re auditioning for a Broadway show. im 100 percent sure that they’re looking for perfection. and 2. you should never greet a casting director with a shake of a hand

    1. +Samuel Pérez García because the casting director takes in a lot of actors in one one audition. they don’t usually shake every last hand. (sanitary reasons i guess)

    2. 1123581321 Genius

      It’s because it shows disrespect in a certain way. Since you are going up to them, it shows that you think that you’re in charge, which is extremely rude. That’s why you shouldn’t shake your auditioneers hand. But you should greet them and introduce yourself.

  7. Ha gee thanks so much I know I’m young to be an actress I think but de by Ryan was actually an actress at the age of 14 and I’m 11 so just maybe I could become an actress also where do you go to audition for stuff where do you get the information from please someone answer me❤️🎬 btw it means love acting!?

    1. HeyImA,Dog Look around on the internet for castings. There’s a great website called ‘Starnow’ that shows you auditions for stage and screen that are local to you. Also, it might be a good idea to get a talent agent, as they can find castings for you.
      And you’re not too young to be an actress! Many people of many different ages are needed for stage and screen. Hope this helped!

    1. It’s tacky. Everyone uses sons from the musical and the director wants it to be their own version so if you sing a song they more than likely won’t put you as the part because they want you to play the part as they see it, not how you know it.

    2. AGtastic123 and same thing goes with monologues from plays. choose one with a similar style from the same time period but not from the actual show

  8. אביעזר חיון

    Are there Broadway auditions where you can audition with singing, acting and dancing all combined? Someone help!😄

    1. say that to Leah Michelle from glee…her auditions is hilarious! She asks to start over and is rude and shouts at the piano guy and the casting directors – but thats why they gave her the part! xD

    1. GingerTheFox Being scared is good, because if you are scared it means you care that you do well. But it is a good idea to practice until you can’t mess up:)

    1. Jasmin’s Journal I would say pick one that isn’t from the musical you’re auditioning for, because it’s kind of tacky. Pick a musical theatre song that shows your vocal range, but make it your own. Don’t audition in character, audition as yourself.

    2. Some Crazed Nerd

      Don’t pick just any song. Songs that you heard on the radio or for the show you’re auditioning for are big no-no’s. Pick something that either reflects your casting type or the character/show you’re auditioning for and something that is within your range. And if you want to be even better, pick a song you can act through.

    1. Alice Seow Are you asking if Broadway musicals only include acting, singing and dancing? Because, no, not only those. You’re going to need to be able to act and sing for pretty much all Broadway shows, but you may not need to be able to dance. And, if you do need to be able to dance, it will most likely be tap or jazz, but it could be anything, such as ballet experience for a show like Cats.
      Some shows may require things that are a bit out of the box. Take The Rocky Horror Show, for example. You’re going to need to be confident walking in heels. Going back to Cats, you’re going to need amazing stamina as you have to sing and dance pretty much non-stop. Some shows may require you to have acrobatic skills. It depends on the show and the character you’re auditioning for.
      So, to sum it up, you’re going to need to be able to act and sing, and possibly be able to tap dance, ballet dance, and be trained in jazz. But, you’ll need other skills too, depending on the show and character you’re auditioning for.

    1. Mr.Party Kat there’s no helping you now 😂 keep auditioning and if you were too good that means you should aim higher, for more difficult parts!

    1. EddsworldCereal

      Cocoaron K
      Actually, ‘faking it’ is really important in acting if you forget your lines or forget anything, really. ://
      It’s called ‘improv’ and real actors use it and know it. It’s really important to have in Broadway. ://

  9. I love singing so in my drama play I asked for a singing part, but I sing more like Melanie Martinez or something I don’t do musical theatre and I have to sing ‘Electricity’ from Billy Elliot. Help? 😛

    1. Gracie_Unicorn such a good song!! I’m late, but maybe this could help in future? Listen to the song and try to mimic the style.

  10. Considering everyone in the comment section hasn’t been successful idk why they are giving advice out

  11. I am ready to audition for Hamilton… Also if I become famous one day, please do not forget me. Even when I’m famous I will still use this account so please if you read, like or reply to this comment please don’t forget me… Please.

  12. A note: Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will completely botch an audition at least a few times in your life. It happens to all of us, and don’t let that stop you from trying.

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