How to learn to Sing In Pitch by Joleen Gross

Joleen has been teaching professionally since 1997…This is a vocal lesson on how to “Sing In Pitch” by “Joleen Gross” taught & instructed by professional vocal instructor Joleen Gross from and… Feel free to subscribe to my channel,request songs,ask questions from a pro teacher that really WANTS to help you.Be sure to watch for my official website coming in 2012 and become a “Premium Member” at a very affordable price(20 dollars per month)…Thanks

42 thoughts on “How to learn to Sing In Pitch by Joleen Gross”

  1. hey joleen, can you please do a video on how to sing and play guitar at the
    same time? i have trouble singing while i play guitar, it’s very hard for
    me to synchronize…

  2. Thank you so much im glad you liked it. i loved your video on mikes
    overload lol. i think i might do a response video of mike in his straight
    jacket lol thank you for all of your support. im going to start a new vocal
    series with specific songs this week / i will be breaking songs down note
    by note and then showing how to deconstruct and then reconstruct the songs.
    this method makes people find their own style! let me know what u think
    xoxo joleen

  3. lmao omg yes i will have to make that video hahah, im on this channel, mike
    and i share this channel… most of mine are lumpped together , i only have
    about ten so far. mike and i share this channel so that when the web site
    is up people have already been introduced to the concept of a one stop
    music site. so enjoy and i will be putting up a few more in the next couple
    of days xoxo jo

  4. lol dallas i dont have a skype, but feel free to ask questions and if you
    want to send me a video of you singing i can do a break down and critique
    for ya.. some of my friends do that, because they live out of town. im not
    really set up for the skype thing. and thank you for watching and keep
    singing xo jo

  5. hey good question .. im sharing this channel with mike so that when the
    website is done people already will understand the concept of who we are
    and of a one stop music teaching site .. thanks for asking im sure you arnt
    the only one who was thinking the same thing xoxo jo

  6. Michael needs to learn to share things…lol i need him to do the dl and
    editing …so its eaiser to wrap up a package music plan for our utube
    subscribers….if your ever interested in vocal lessons send me a request
    at rockinguitarlessons via skype.

  7. when i am practising i am in key..but when it comes to singing i dont know
    wat happens i dont sound gud as other..plz help wat shoul i do to sound

  8. L Tomlinson St

    Try not to use your Nose cause it will sound nasal like you’re singing with
    your nose closed and that doesn’t sound great at all. Also when you have
    pressure in your throat it feels paynfull so don’t put pressure on your
    throat and try to tame your tongue cause your tongue is also a thing that
    can affect your sound so do exercises to make the pressue less cause
    pressure is a no-no. and Breathing good with your diaphragm is a yes-yes.

  9. Thanks and I have another question do you know when to use compression when
    you sing. Someone told me to use it on the whole song. but it doesn’t feel
    right or maybe you use it when you sing a note for an amount of time. I
    don’t know

  10. L Tomlinson St

    .when you sing and you need to hit a note don’t push it. Cause if you do
    you will damage your voice and it will get really hard to heal it again and
    it hurts and is really bad . Try to train your head and chest and the mixed
    so you will not need to put pressure on it like I said in my other comment.

  11. Raggy Ragsdale

    Hey Mike! Do the Michael Jackson Grope and you won’t have any problems with
    the octaves – but you gotta squeeze hard!!! darag

  12. Louise Carmichael Miller

    Hey Joleen,,,thanks for all the tips…I had a choir performance last
    Friday night…I did pretty good…ran out of air a few times…my fault I
    ate too late in the day…thanks again

  13. I find that most popular music nowadays is auto tuned. When I try to learn
    a song from such tracks my pitch is always off, usually higher than it
    ought to be. I am in auto tune hate mode, it makes great singers sound like
    cold automatons! So sick of it. Learning from live bootlegs solves the

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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