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41 thoughts on “How to Learn to Sing Better | Singing Lessons”

  1. Hey you guys I would really like if you checked out my channel and comment
    maybe what you think is good or bad that I can improve on, I need as many
    opinions. Thanks so much if you could :)

  2. DO DO omg she said DO DO it means shit XD hahaha so funny! How could she
    say DO DO unbelievable! Right? 

  3. Prince Maze Vlogs

    When i started singing i sang great

    but bethen the years i have strain my voice

    How do i restore it ?

  4. waynesreviews

    Oh hai! Have you tried – Sofurns Amazing Vocal Training (search on google)?
    Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got very good results
    with it.

  5. Kaitlyn Reigh

    Ok so im 13 i have been singing ever since i was little. Many people from
    my mom side have GREAT voices. And im not bragging or trying to get
    attention..But i do sing and i can. When i was around 8 or 9 at the beach i
    did Karaoke and its like there it hit me. This is what i wanna do for the
    rest of my life…And im glad i can do it too. So any of yall who cant sing
    if you keep practicing and practicing i promise you..You will hit that note
    and you will be awesome.

  6. Hi! Well this is interesting, but have you checked out – the SonaVoyce
    Complete Singing System program (should be on GOOGLE – have a look)? I have
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  7. Well as for me I practise how to sing a bit different:

    1) Find a favorite song to sing
    2) Memorize the lyrics that I just chose.
    3) Keep focus on that song and keep practising.
    4) After memorize all the lyrics, record my own voice to hear is my voice
    better not and if I sing the right lyrics or not.
    5) If better and got all lyrics right, move on to next song.
    6) If not and got some lyrics wrong, practice again.

    Haha, weird right? ._. 

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  9. There is a piano there and she didn’t even use it…..I think it was good
    advise but there were no techniques that could help with singing better.

  10. I love your video, especially the advice about can i sing quiz
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    is Panlarko Sing Fast Planner – it will be on google if you need it

  11. Hey I like your video, particularly your advice in the second half for
    steps on how to sing
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  12. Brittany Toomey

    Hey my name is Brittany, I have been singing at the age if five years old,
    I can’t low notes and I can’t sing perfect tune, I am now 21 years old.
    well at the moment I am in a local choir, I am just wondering can you give
    some tips on how to singing perfect tune, also I do try practice singing
    for up to half an hour each day,

  13. Marys Gaming Channel

    I quit singing for a while now I’m 12 and I am about to turn 13 and my
    voice is Now Horribly the only reason I quit was I felt depressed about my
    singing because I couldn’t hit the High notes but this video and other
    videos inspired me to keep on singing!

  14. Stefan Djordjevic

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about how to sing properly online try
    Panlarko Sing Fast Planner(just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting
    things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  15. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you have probably been exposed to numerous people and ideas on the Internet in regards to how to sing high notes.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...