How To Know What Key To Sing Songs In

Many singers show up to auditions or jam sessions and have no idea which key they sing their song in. This is unacceptable., and is easily remedied. Let me teach you how to choose your key, so this situation stops happening.
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12 thoughts on “How To Know What Key To Sing Songs In”

  1. I love your channel Aimee! You’re a natural teacher. This is been a question mine for many years as well, and I’m glad that you did video cast on it. This helps me out tremendously . Thank you, Aimee! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I have an admission to make. If a vocalist wants to sing a song in B natural, I’ll whisper to the bass player to make it B flat… BUT I WON’T TELL THE VOCALIST. (Let’s keep this to ourselves, shall we? I could lose my union card.)

  3. Matthew Goldberg

    Aimee. I like your method, but I’d note that many old recordings are off-speed and therefore off-key. No way to prove it, but I’d bet that Frank was really in Bb or C.
    More interesting, when composing or covering a song at the piano, if not worried about your voice, how do you choose the key? Register? Sharps or flats? Are you one of those people for whom every key “feels” different? For me, gospel feels so right in Bb on the piano, but awful in A-natural. Ballads very vanilla in C but lush in Eb, even though higher. More so at the piano than, say, orchestra

  4. Stephen Atkinson

    Great video! Really glad I found this channel.

    I tend to do the opposite and find the highest note on the song, and find what note that is relative to the tonic. I then choose a key such that that note is around an F natural (a half-step in either direction, for flexibility), since I know that’s as high as I like going. So if I’m singing As Time Goes By, the highest notes is the 2, so I’ll put the song in Eb. It’s just useful to know what your limits are.

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