How To Improve Vocal Range – Sing High Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How To Improve Vocal Range – Sing High Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Is it really possible to increase one’s vocal range? Can vocal lessons help? There’s a lot of controversy over this subject.
Many claim that it can’t be done. Others say it can, but provide no actual or usable range that can be applied to practical applications for singing. In this video, I demonstrate what it takes to improve your range and the necessary steps, or building blocks to do so.

I hope you like it.
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40 thoughts on “How To Improve Vocal Range – Sing High Notes – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. I increased my chest voice range from F4 to A4 in 2 months by “pulling chest” or belting those notes every other day with breaks every day in between.

  2. hi Ken, thank you for all of your videos, I’m new to singing, and I’ll probably go over your videos over and over again for the coming future. just a question though, when you do these warm ups or stretches, do you use only chest voice? or is it ok to switch to head voice? I think its a stupid question to ask. and one more, is it better to practice on the guitar or piano? I play both.
    thank you very much.

  3. Endrit Shabani

    Hey Ken could you explain what is Ping
    as you say it is king it means its very important and I don’t understand what you talking about

  4. Alexander Rolon

    You are my inspiration! Thank you! DX. Do you think you could do a video or if you already have something similar,, send a link of how to relax the apple in your throat when practising vocal range.

  5. Hey Ken…You are amazing my man? What do you think of Jimi Jamison from Survivor? He passed a few years ago unfortunately. He was one of my influences.

  6. Am I understanding correctly that increasing range is not about stretching (increasing) your registers, but rather, strengthening the ability to pass between ranges smoothly? Or is it both??

  7. Veronica Resinovich

    Hi Ken, your tutorials are sooo useful. I’m a girl and I took classical singing lessons, I have a good head voice, I sing high notes using my head voice but when I have to sing them using belting it sucks. I sing in an Iron Maiden coverband and it’s pretty difficult for me because my voice is too classical and sweet. Can you please do a tutorial in which you explain how to rock on stage and have a POWERFUL voice? Thank you in advance 🙂

  8. As a relative newbie, how do I tell if I’m singing up an octave or not? I’d like to know what my range is: soprano, alto or somewhere in between. Thanks.

  9. Hi Ken!! First of all I love all of your videos!! Very helpful! I have a question for you..when I looked for the answer on the internet I found it very confusing. If I want to find out my vocal range, do I only have to consider chest voice?
    I am really looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you very much!!

  10. Ken.. thankyou soooo much!!! Your voice is amazing!! and so much agility and fullness not to mention the passion…! question.. in your exercises it sounds like youre intentionally making it a bit nasal.. is that part of the way to build range? ive found that to be true for myself for making bridging easier…?

  11. Wow! I studied classical voice a hundred years ago in college and had a G above high C. That said, I haven’t opened my mouth in 30 years, and when I did, I sounded like a barking cow. I did the sliding exercise with you on this video – the voice was there! Your teaching/techniques are absolutely right on and inspiring. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  12. Hey anyone can help me with this. Right I started to learn how to sing and I noticed I can sing quite high maybe tenor never really checked about it but I was comfortable to sing high but after I started to sing Frank Sinatra song and learning how to sing low, strengthening my chest voice its now harder to sing higher. Help please??????

  13. Hi Ken, Im really interested in increasing my higher vocal range, I seem to get to a point where most females get higher and and higher and mine just seems to stop at a point and I can’t get any further no matter how much I try. I can get really low and Im a semi tone off 3 octaves which isn’t bad I know but Id really like to be able to increase my higher range. Do you have any ways of helping me with this. Some times I do think is it a mental block thats stopping me. Any helming would be useful Carrie x

  14. Compliments Ken! I was an italian singer with a great voice and unfortunately I stopped to sing since 1997. I am following your lessons to recover my highest tones and I am sure that with your help I will achieve my goal! A hug, great man!

  15. Really impressed with your slidders for improving vocal range i am in my sixties and am a baritone but have great trouble trying
    to hit any higher notes this suddenly got me knocking out a real high note.My fault is not being able to connect the higher note to the chest voice and ripping out my throat. This excercise seems like it will help me make the connection what do you think ???

  16. Hey Ken! I’ve started doing your “How to Improve Vocal Range” exercises. I’m a tenor but I feel like I’m turning into a baritone or bass. The highest note that I can reach now is F4. I have a vocal test in 9 days. Do you think that I can reach C5 by that time?
    (Sorry if there were some grammar errors.)
    Love from Portugal! 🙂

    Edit: I practice 1 hour a day and I’m 13 years old.

  17. Im 17 years soon to be 18 . I can hit notes from 2a to 4d, how do i know what is my limit of extending my vocal range? I want to at least hit upto c5, is it even possible? Please be blunt and honest.

  18. Aldsome ISAWESOME

    so as you go higher your voice thins up? (when doing sliding scale) like your chest voice kinda looses the thickness and then gradually goes to the head voice?

  19. Does vocal range indicates hitting notes in only chest voice or it also includes falsettos or head voice?For example: Freddie’s vocal range was more than 4 octaves,does that mean he’d go above 4 octaves with only chest voice or that also included falsetto?

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