How To Find Your Own Singing Voice! AND Sing Like Robert Plant / Kashmir /Led Zeppelin

How To Find Your Own Unique Singing Voice! AND Sing Like Robert Plant / Kashmir /Led Zeppelin / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin shows you How To Find Your Own Voice!

We all have influences, and it is those influences, and how we “re-present” them with our own style that helps make us great.
Learning songs in different styles increases our “vocabulary and tool box” for diverse singing and helps us find Golden Nuggets to build our own unique voice.

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42 thoughts on “How To Find Your Own Singing Voice! AND Sing Like Robert Plant / Kashmir /Led Zeppelin”

  1. hard to tell the diff between r.plant Kashmir & u, it all sounded like u,
    great singing tho, shuda had a voice over while u were singing to say wn ur
    using huz voice bt this still doesn’t explain how to find ur own voice, coz
    lm still wondering hmm? bt thanx for that, maybe less singing & more
    explaining wud help Wuhu!

  2. Ill be bk coz ur th best teacher on utube I’ve scene so far n I’ve scene n
    observed heapsa them, & ur ab support & theory of that’s the core of
    singing is on the nose In a working 1manband doing over 50songs per 4hour
    gigs n u r the only one on here that’s made it clear to me how to breath
    whilst singing awsum m8 & thank u hp u have a perfect day m8 – Teina

  3. I want to let you know how your videod changed my life. I have aways felt
    this raspy, raunchy, righteous voice inside my gut just wantin to WAIL.
    Whenever I tried to get it out I felt like it was gettin stuck in my throat
    and my head. I eventually decided I simply could not sing. I continued to
    get this feeling in my gut that something was there that wanted to be free.
    I became embarrassed to even sing alone. I was doing the U TUBE Groove I
    had always wondered I if Axle could really sing, or was he just able to
    reach an unusual range. when hit super high or low it seemed way to hard.
    Off the top of my head I’ll throw out Sebastian. I have yet to see or hear
    a voice that wailed like he did. Personally I think he is a egomaniac and a
    Douche. But his voice blows my mind and as a woman If he had promised not
    to talk. I would have given him the occasional spin. lol. To anyone that’s
    reading sorry about all the words. To the point luv. Your videos taught me
    how to release the block and it turns out what I thought was there was. You
    gave me the gift of my own voice. Now I am using your videos to make this
    voice the very best it can be. How do I say thank you for what you so
    freely and selflessly gave. I talk about you to whoever will listen in
    hopes that something wonderful will find its way back to you. May you be
    surrounded by PEACE, HARMONY and JOY. Be safe and well Ken My friends call
    me Dixie.

  4. God bless you incredible voice Ken, got to say… wow… you truly gave me
    a reason why to carry on with studying arts as a professional… hope you
    keep rocking as always! Thank you man!!!

  5. Connie platts

    i think yall should do “never let u go” from steelheart…beautiful song.
    awesome vocals. thanks!

  6. I sing like shit.. I get teased because I sing like shit, this is the
    reason why i’ve started playing fingerstyle songs on the guitar. It would
    be really nice though if you could help me out. I have tend to have a deep
    voice and 10 y/o voice sometimes. I’m desperate for some help.

  7. Mister Ken sir you thought me so much…and now this how to find my
    voice..i’m practicing for Singing contest in 3 months..thank you SIR!

  8. I think the hardest thing to do is finding your own voice…. Especially
    if you have been singing as a kid, smoking, giving up smoking, starting
    smoking then vaping. My voice has changed so much over the years I
    barely know where it is right now, been ‘singing’ since I was 11, so 26
    years now, and still yet to find MY voice. I’ve picked up far too many
    habbit’s now, I don’t breathe from my chest naturally, haven’t done for
    years, so that’s good, but still need a lot of work.

  9. patrick crawford

    Hey Ken, in your oppinion, why did Plant’s voice change so drastically
    after 1972? His timbre changed, upper register eliminated, voice cracked a

  10. I think in theory, singing is trainable in most people who aren’t tone-deaf, but in practice, many people who want to sing never find the right teacher.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...