How To Do A John Mayer style “Falsetto Flip” – Singing Lesson

“Chest Voice / Glottal flip” to “Falsetto / Head Tone” vocal trick.
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In this video professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives free vocal lesson teaching how to do vocal “flips” …a quick switch from chest resonance to a heady falsetto type tone popularized in acoustic pop music by artists such as John Mayer, Billy Joel, Elton John, Justin Timberlake and more…

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17 thoughts on “How To Do A John Mayer style “Falsetto Flip” – Singing Lesson”

  1. could you do a video/lesson thing where you explain where to send our air
    too? like where we would have to send our air to keep resonance and
    maintain an open throat..

  2. THe tone progression here is E4-D4 (connected) to G4 falsetto
    If you have a deeper voice than David here I recommend you start a hole
    note lower D4-C4 to F4 (falsetto). 

  3. how would you change voices on a song like someone saved my life tonight .
    It goes from chest to falsetto and then some.

  4. this came natural to me aha, ive developed it very young, flipping my head
    (falsetto) to chest voice really easily, almost siren like

  5. Rabojhaman Sierra

    Thanks kuya david! This tutorial really help me a lot to do the flip after
    all those years that I have been practicing the flip! 

  6. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    nice demonstration but it’s actually referred to as a “glottal flip”.

  7. Lol, he was like singing the chorus of Roses at 3:12 😁 thanks for this
    video! Helped me 👌🏻👍🏻

  8. Sebastian Tannæs

    Hey i`m a low tenor but my range is only G2-B4(D5 falsetto) so i Wonder how
    can i use my other head voice and then maybe Connect my chest and head
    voice area so that i have no falsetto in my range. If this does not work
    how can i give my falsetto notes that Chest resonance?

  9. LMT Singing School

    I would like to point out you are doing an excellent example of a flip but
    you are not “squeezing your cords together” to achieve this, you are
    allowing them to open! It is interesting that you describe a ‘closing of
    the throat’ too – can you go into more detail please?

  10. Gunter The Penguin

    my throat hurts when i try to do falsetto , is this wrong? ive never been
    able to do it and i seem to only be able to sing in head voice, are there
    any practices to “unleash” my head voice?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...