How To Breathe When You Sing: Exhalation

Learn exhalation technique for singing with this detailed how to video. It shows you step by step how to open your ribcage so you can produce a steady stream of air to support your voice.


11 thoughts on “How To Breathe When You Sing: Exhalation”

  1. MWajdi Meeyyyie wajdi gaming and Real life

    I come here because I want to have a longer breath because when I take a high note I will faster lost my breath (sorry for my English)

  2. i want to sing in like opera
    but my voice is no good
    and i can’t breath in stomach
    help me
    and your are beautiful girl

  3. Singgeek could you help me, I’ve been doing these things for a while but when I inhale properly on the first word I say it e.g let’s say the word is you it sounds more like hue I constantly have this h sound before the actual word and it ruins the sound and pitch I don’t know how to correct it though

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