How to Belt Like a Disney Princess (How to Sing the Evolution of the Disney Princess) Evynne Hollens

Tips & demos on how to sing like the BELT-iest Disney Princesses!
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If you haven’t seen it, watch my Evolution of the Disney Princess: A medley of every Disney Princess from 1937 until 2013! From Snow White to Elsa; all 14 Princesses!


40 thoughts on “How to Belt Like a Disney Princess (How to Sing the Evolution of the Disney Princess) Evynne Hollens”

  1. Rebecca Marie

    You have a God given gift sweet lady!! I would love to be able to have face
    to face lessons with you!!

  2. Is that you singing the princess voices? Your voice is incredible! And you
    sound just like Anika who sings Tiana when you sing Tiana

  3. Laugh Love Shop

    I’d love a “How to Sing ‘Let It Go'” video. I’m working on a parody, and
    that would be really helpful :)

  4. Jennifer Hiemstra

    ‘Survival mode’…that’s exactly what LiG is….oh man. It’s just not well
    written for the human voice from a pedagogy perspective as I’m sure you can
    concur! Even the most seasoned of beltresses have said that its ROUGH!

  5. Heather Jones

    Now I know why I have never been able to sing Disney songs. I was in choir
    for 3 years. When I sing I automatically go into long vowels. So to sing
    Disney I apparently have to do EXACTLY what they taught me NOT to do.

  6. Bernadett Blummer

    I am not a singer, yet I was so intrigued and fascinated by your video. I
    absolutely love how you share your valuable knowledge without asking for
    anything in return. I so hope someone very talented will one day find you
    with a HUGE thank you note as gratitude for these online lessons.

  7. omg i almolt cried ~ my dream it’s how to learn to sing and, omg, how do i
    love disney princess’s songs.. thanks a lot for your channel <3

  8. I want to know even more about the “pocahonta voice” how to sing that low
    and high for so long in such a powerful course! It is hard to keep it up
    trough the whole course. Thank you for inspiring me! I really love the
    Disney theme! Much love

  9. Thank you so much for this video!!
    It would also be very interesting if you were to make a video singing the
    disney princess songs as swapped princesses just to hear the difference
    singing styles would make!

  10. I just found you from your husband’s channel! you are so talented.!!!!!! I
    love your voice it is such a gift to the world!

  11. Please, do your cover of “Almost there” Your deep voice in this song is
    amazing. I could listen to that part of this lesson all day long. :D

  12. Sarah Shotts

    This is really fascinating! I took a vocal class in college and chose a
    song from Ariel and a song from Wicked, but my teacher wanted me to sing
    them classically and it just didn’t sit well. I wish she’d just had me
    choose other songs (or that I could have sung them in this style.)

  13. Major Tightpants

    Ugh. I wish I had you as my singing teacher. Mine made me loathe singing.
    The way you describe things I can instantly understand what you’re trying
    to tell me.

  14. I would sooo appreciate more of the specific princess videos! I really
    loved the Ariel one and I think I actually sound a lot like her after using
    your tips. You’re such a great teacher! And your voice is gorgeous! I’d
    love to see videos for Belle and Aurora. And I know she’s not Disney, but
    Anastasia would be an awesome extra! Like how to sing Journey to the Past
    or Once Upon A December. I just love Liz Callaway’s voice!

  15. I really enjoyed your voice lessons. I hope my granddaughter shows this to
    her voice coach. The whole family loves Disney!

  16. So I really really have to thank you (¡¡mil gracias!!) and all your
    patreons for this video! 🙂 I am working on Disney covers myself and will
    be making a Disney princess medley in Latin American Spanish 🙂 Thanks to
    your lessons I am already giving my first steps with this project 😀

  17. Whaaaaat?? The same person who sang as Jasmine did Mulan as well? How did I
    not know this??? Great vocal lesson! :)

  18. VitaNaturAlis

    Could you please do a How To Sing on old Disney princesses like SnowWhite?
    Your singing lessons are just such a great help for me. I sing for fun, but
    it is really hard for me- not because I want people to love my singing- but
    because I have a weak voice and never know how to use it.

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