how to belt high notes when you sing – vocal exercise

How to Belt High

High guys! Madeleine Harvey here and thank you so much for joining me today. In today’s video we’re going to be talking about how to belt high. So if you like today’s video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up and click the subscribe button below, I’d love to see you here more often.

Belting is awesome! It gives the distinct emotional impression that you are in command of your voice and you are holding nothing back. Our objective of today’s video is to allow that awesome belt of yours to effortlessly coordinate higher notes. But at the same time, reducing force and excess pressure. This is going to give you that awesome combination of both strength and freedom.

The sound that we’re going to playing with in today’s video, is in no way a finished sound. But is meant to be used as a temporary coordination to get that ball rolling for you.
This sound is really going to allow us to engage the components that are necessary for a nice, healthy belt. The craziness of this sound is a direct result of some specific muscles that we are isolating. So don’t judge the quality of your sound. Not today. Go ahead and allow yourself to experience the access that this sound is giving your voice. Once you become familiar with that, then you know that you can always play with it’s quality until you have your most desired result. Until then, give into the power of the crazy sound. Go ahead and allow this sensation to turn into muscle memory, and allow that muscle memory to translate into your songs.

So in choosing the perfect exercise in order to coordinate a belt high, the very first thing we need to do is remove pressure from the throat. The best way to do this, is to over emphasize our mix. Whenever we are talking about belting, or singing for that matter, there is always this interplay between three resonators. The chest voice, the mix voice and the head voice. without getting into too much detail in today’s video, let’s simplify it by saying it all feels like funny speech. And we’re going to discover that by doing this exercise. we’re going to pretend to be the little aliens from Toy Story. (Funny speech, I did tell you.) Can you hear your mouth space influencing the sound? Can you hear your nose? How about your head space? Yes of course. That’s how we know that we’ve got a good coordination to bring the head and chest voice closer together. Think of this funny sound as being sort of like glue that will keep your chest and head resonances close. We know that when we sing belting, it’s very dramatic. But our objective here, is to allow the chest voice to lighten, and prepare to receive the lighter coordinations of head voice, but in a way where the sound is consistent. The more you play with this sound, the more coordinated and strong your overall belt will become.

Start with the alien Toy Story sound on “Whoa” get the sense of where we are starting. Then add an L sound to it by saying “LA.” This L sound, will bring the sound even more forward to the mask while rolling the tongue forward and allowing the vocal cords to coordinate more effectively. The exercise includes micro progressions that will allow you voice to get the sense of consistency.

When you are ready to work this sound into a more useable sound, simply decompress your Toy Story alien little by little until it feels more like your natural speech.

There you have it guys! I hope you have enjoyed today’s video as much as I have enjoyed making it for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments portion of today’s video. Thank you so much for hanging out with me, and I will see you next time!!

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    1. Madeleine Harvey

      Hi Ania! Thanks for your comment and for you interest in joining my family of singing friends. I love doing voice lessons through Skype. For more info on what to expect in an online singing lesson, visit my website here: . Happy singing! 🙂

  1. Yes yes YES this is exactly what I needed! I am in a hardcore accapella group at my college, and we have auditions Tuesday for a solo that will be performed at nationals😱 I’ve been working at this, and I think this video gave me the confidence to knock it out of the park!!! Thanks SOOOO much

  2. I discovered your channel not two hours ago and I’m already singing more professionally~! Thank you so much–higher notes are not my strong suit (I’m technically considered a bass). You’ve taught me to love the little crazy sounds my voice makes–one of them, I’ve found, is polyphonic overtone singing. The alien “Whooooa!” is already helping me~

  3. It took you awhile to make another video. I was so looking forward to it. Btw, I learned alot from your previous videos. Keep it up! God bless you and your endeavours.

  4. Ο Επιστήμων

    Your videos, along with a lot of time spent singing, have helped me heaps. I’m actually a guitarist, but I had to learn to sing so my band could play live. It feels so good when you’re actually capable of getting on stage and nailing it! Thanks for the lessons, and keep them coming, please!

  5. María Laura García

    You are the reason why I haven’t left aside my dreams of singing. I would like to receive more of your excellent videos! Thank you very much.

  6. Haha Madeleine 😀 Your vocal exercises are like presents and you even look like one with your cute dress 😀
    ( You are present independently from what you wear, but I noticed so yeah ^^ ) Enjoyed this one a lot !!! ^^ Happy that you’re back 🙂 Much Love, Ivan 🙂

  7. Hey Ms Harvey, thank you for your videos. I would also like to know how to develop my mixed voice. I awkwardly change registers, its sounds weird and feels bad in my throat and neck.

  8. Could you please make a
    how to growl like beyonce or lady gaga video you know? like that kind of growl I can’t find a good video most of them say you should start with vocal fry but it doesn’t work for me!!!😫😫😫
    Thanks and I love your videos!!!💖💖💖

  9. Well.. these exercises are really easy Harvey ma’am..Thanks for helping us.. I’m really happy to see you again.. you have improved my voice so much..thanks alot Harvey ma’am 😘

  10. I would also like to know if this is the same as the twanging technique?

    I find this video goes really well with your “How to sing really high – Voice lesson on how to sing higher” video from Dec 2015, which I use to warm up before every concert.

  11. I’ve watched most of your videos, I started dedicating time to singing and as of today I’m singing and learning more and more. Thank you so much, you have a true skill for teaching.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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