How To Belt – Belting Techniques – Voice Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How To Belt – Belting Techniques – Voice Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Some have referred to me as: “The King Of Belt.”

Even if only a small percentage of those that say that are true, it may buy me the right to share with you my views on belting.

I have been “belting” safely for over 30 years (and show no signs of slowing) 

I emphasize this because those that belt incorrectly, eventually lose their voices altogether.

As I demonstrate in this video, there is a right way and a wrong way to belt.

Belt the wrong way and you will have a very short-lived singing career.

I also see a glut of people on the internet (i.e. Youtube etc.) telling people their philosophies on belting.

Funny thing is, they can neither belt themselves, nor do they display students belting.

Be very leery and careful of that.

Don’t go to a guitar teacher who can’t show you how to play guitar.

Go to a guitar teacher who is a master at his craft, and he can show you something.

The same applies to singing lessons.

Please enjoy this video tutorial. I hope you find it useful.

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72 thoughts on “How To Belt – Belting Techniques – Voice Tutorial – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

    1. Why? What’s the point in singing like a tea kettle or a dolphin and whale etc? Not that I haven’t tried it myself out of curiosity. And yes I can hit whistle notes but seriously no point in my opinion except to drive my dog crazy. 😂

  1. Ruchira Mishra

    Hey can you do how to sing like Shreya ghoshal I swear this way you can reach Indian fans which actually means the whole sub continent …plsss

  2. Skadi Van Berry

    This is the problem i have. I learned classical singing and then is been hell for developing my chest voice and even more the high chest voice. My new vocal coach is more on the gospel side but she tells me that to make the high notes i should change to head voice and is not the point beauce i know there is possible to make those notes with chest voice. If i understood your advice in this video then we must make this exercices for belting in a proper way and get to those high notes withput breaking? thank you

  3. Excellent videos Ken. You might want to use a different microphone set up for the videos-it sounds like the mic is too far away from you. Just a suggestion.

  4. I don’t understand the actual meaning of head, chest voice, and falsetto. do “dirty Diana”, “man in the mirror”, by Michael Jackson have flute voice (i.e. don’t stop till you get enough voice?)

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Falsetto and Head voice are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences, too. They are the higher, lighter parts of the voice. Chest voice is more like your normal speaking voice. Most songs use more than one mode of singing in different parts of the song.

  5. Wow! I was just at karaoke. I did a Ramones song and it was crap. I did Pat Benetar, then Dio, and sounded pretty good. I was just wondering how the heck A simple song was so hard for me, yet the hard high ones were easier! I’m a chick, and You hit the nail on the head! So much practice trying to hit high notes. Not focusing enough on the start and buildup!

  6. This smile on your face speaks of your achievements! So good to have your channel on YouTube. I been practicing with ur teaching. I am amazed!

  7. I sang deep bass starting at age 14, was singing with adult males bass in a church.
    Went into Army.
    First 2 days of yelling, next day no voice. Told to eat an orange slice with breakfast. Had voice back within an hour. Even deeper voice, lower than Lurch. At certain notes, my vision wiggles.

  8. What your doing is such a good thing Ken and where there’s so much disinformation and misdirected intention I’ve really the more I see your well put together absolutely such good full tilt high state totally ego free professional and bang on the money videos giving your talent for free to help and inspire everyone is just such a rare thing and for that alone you should be commended let alone the rest so thank you dude and I hope your community and home will be okay in these difficult time in Hawaii and hope one day to be able to book a lesson and coaching session with you. P.s are you a fan of the jam band scene, I.e roots stuff
    Like the Dead Allmans to phish and
    Chris Robinson Brotherhood?✌️👂🍭

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Kc! I don’t do a lot of jam band stuff myself. There is a lot of good stuff out there, though!

  9. Hey, I have listened to several of your videos. I work in Brooklyn NY as a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. I would like to speak with you about Pre-K learning styles.

  10. Hi ken, my problem is that my guitar is louder then my singing and voice so I am trying to sound louder and be heard with my guitar and not let my voice be so low in volume what do you think would be best?
    By the way I have a Martin HD28V which is pretty loud..

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Official DP  Please join my vocal forum where you can post your singing related questions and interact with other singers. It’s free and you’ll receive great feedback from myself or my moderators. 

    1. Dennis Lauritzen

      Every time I hear a kid singing out loud while they walk or ride by our house I always get that nice warming feeling of how I used to just sing, sing, sing whenever I was alone (or with a band of course) in my teens and it makes me so happy to see that kids these days do exactly the same and just don’t mind what others think of them until they see you and they stop singing from being a little shy after all. So whenever they stop because of seeing me I always encourage them to keep singing because “it sounds nice” or “I love what you’re doing” or “Let it out and be free – it’s the best way to become the best” or stuff like that..
      Today when I hear them singing and they then see me they do give a tiny smile away and perhaps a little laugh, but they do try to keep singing all the way down the road.
      So know that you might think that others find you being a lunatic, but we we/they just might actually admire you and enjoy that you are getting better and better with time – unfortunately sometimes in silence! – Rock on!
      BTW: My neighbors always turn down their radios whenever I practice or record (singing or an instrument)… they say – it’s way better and more interesting than what is on the radio – so I’m not the only one giving encouragement to others! 👍

    2. I was always so shy about singing. Always choked during semi-professional recording sessions.
      Finally becoming okay with singing without a guitar in my hands or a band behind me at the age of 27. I wish I’d dealt with my anxiety earlier, there are a lot of missed opportunities there. I’ll try to remember to encourage anyone I hear singing in public from now on.

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Yes, you can, but it’s not necessarily a good idea unless you know how to really control the volume well, so as not to oversing.

    2. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy .. Thanks Ken! I was just curious.. I was doing some of your vocal excersises and thought I’d ask. I love to sing.. But wouldn’t belt scales since I’m a newb and learning simple basics.. Thanks again Ken!

  11. TightSqueeze Jam at FB

    “Not ‘having’ to do scales is a sales technique.” lol.

    my *ALL-TIME* favorite singing lie is “so-n-so sings 7 octaves.” A, that’s a whole piano, so they clearly dont know what an octave IS. It’s the 12 half steps or notes from say C4 to C5. The best of the best have a few octaves and some change. That’s like Steve Perry, the late Brad Delp (Boston) and the late Jimi Jameson (Survivor).

    B, if you COULD do this (and nobody can),its TOTALLY unnecessary. Nothing is written for all 7 octaves on one voice, nor ANY voices.

  12. Oisin Fitzgerald

    Hey man, I’m looking for some help with something, I’m trying to increase my range. I’ve been singing for 11-12 years now and currently have a range from C2 to a C5 without falsetto. I’m trying to sing this song Bad by U2 and I’m having trouble belting the C# when I get to it. I’ve been practicing it in falsetto but still haven’t made progress on using chest voice. Any tips? Thanks!

  13. Very late comment but you said something about sopranos going into head voice too soon. I just started taking lessons and my teacher has me working on only my head voice. He said I need to build my head voice first before beginning to build the other registers? But I really want to be strong in all registers. Maybe I’m just being impatient.

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Your teacher is just like the others I mentioned. They want to keep you trapped in head voice. Your voice is being sacrificed at the altar of the high note.

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