How to Be More Confident – 3 Tips for Singers – Felicia Ricci

How to Be More Confident – 3 Tips for Singers / – Take my FREE 3-video belt singing course!

This video offers 3 easy tips to help singers be more confident. These strategies will help you beat stage fright, be more confident on stage when it’s time to perform a song, and lower the chances that you’ll choke or freeze up when it’s time to sing in front of other people.

The 3 Tips for Self-Confidence Are:

(1) Always return to the breath, and get very comfortable with deep diaphragmatic breathing. Practice consciously relaxing your belly on your inhale and exhale. Breathing DEEP doesn’t mean tensing or clenching your stomach muscles. Being confident and relaxed comes from rehearsing that state of being, even when you’re practicing on your own.

(2) Develop a story and character for your song (even if it’s just you singing in a concert). This helps develop laser focus, and allows you to stay “in character” instead of worry about who’s watching you, or whether people are enjoying it. The more you can immerse yourself in the lyrics and context of a song, the better!

(3) Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Tapping – This is a technique that might weird out some of you! But the idea is that it neutralizes your central nervous system and amygdala (stress center of the brain) through simple tapping on acupressure points.

Check out for lots more on what tapping is and how it works. I promise you, tons of my students have had great results with this — and I practice tapping on myself, to this day!

As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
xo Fel

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43 thoughts on “How to Be More Confident – 3 Tips for Singers – Felicia Ricci”

  1. Just another kid

    I’ve only sung solo in front of an audience once (last week), it was only
    one verse and I was ok until I dropped a note which made me have a panic
    attack and I couldn’t continue. What if that happens again but during an
    exam or something like that?????

  2. It is my first performance and I am singing an original. I am afraid that
    people will not connect with my song, which basically is about connecting
    us all to a vision of building paradise together. I have been so scrambled
    but your advice really helps me. It allows me to realize my underlying
    fears and allows me to take practical steps to ground myself.

    Thank you :)

  3. Thank you so much!!! I have a show tomorrow and I experience all of the
    thoughts you talked about. I am definitely going to try these techniques.
    You are awesome

  4. When I practice everything’s good but then when I go up to perform or
    audition, everything sounds different and I don’t feel the same. People say
    it’s good but it’s not my best and it’s nothing like I’ve practiced

  5. Marta Przestrzelska

    I work as a therapists and I had clients who wanted to sing but self
    confidence issues were blocking their voice and from my experience I can
    say that there are ways to overcome fear and that shows ing singing right
    away. This is so awsome that you show others tehniques that You know. This
    is sooo needed. I watch your videos, love them, God bless You :)

  6. Teenager post's

    I’m Crazy of your Videos , i’m 17 From Eur Austria Vienna , How can i
    Contact you in Real Life ? I’M Really Fan of you ,, i watch almost all of
    you videos and i really have to ask you some tips and questions how is that
    we contact in really time live ?

  7. when i go on a stage my hands and legs start to shake and my voice cracks
    and that only around 15 or 20 people and it sounds nothing like when i
    practice. 😞😩😕

  8. Hi! Thank you for this video <3 I'm always terrified when I have to go on
    the stage, especially if I have to sing alone... My worst fear is to sound
    bad and being judged, and in 5 years i've never overcome it. Let's try!!

  9. I think my fear to sing on stage is that I will let myself down then making
    a domino effect of then other people thinking I am bad… Even if it’s all
    just happening in my own head, if that makes sense? I kind of am ocd, and
    when I don’t think I sound good enough I start to just lose all hope and
    the desire to reaching a higher potential etc. even if others say I am
    doing good. I feel like I am my worst enemy lol.. And that I also always
    criticize myself and thinking I’m not/won’t ever be good enough

  10. I felt really nervous about something so I watched this video and I did the
    tapping under the eye thing, It literally got rid of my but butterflies.
    Thank Felicia 😊❤️🌠

  11. i hope this helps me …i get concerned abt not being good enough..people
    being judgemental…tension in body mind before n during performing before
    people …my voice starts quivering in the beginning for a few moments

  12. Hi Fel,

    You are so inspirational💙

    All your videos are amazing thank You 💙

    hope you make many more like this & much much more💙

    Your singing lessons vids are phenomenal 💙

  13. Thank you so much for making this video! This video just made me feel more
    confident about singing in front of people. Everyone in my class have to
    sing a song ALONE in front of the whole class and I was really nervous but
    this video made me feel better so thank you so much! I still am a little
    nervous but I think I can pull it off.

  14. My worst fear is that I’ll make a mistake during a performance and someone
    will upload on YouTube and it’ll go viral labeling me as someone who can’t
    sing. I will try out this tapping method and hopefully it’ll help, thanks
    Fel! Love your videos :)

  15. I just randomly found this video- this is fantastic! If you know the show
    at all- I am playing Olive’s dad in “the I love you song” from the 25th
    annual Putnam county spelling bee and what I’m finding is that I can hit
    the notes when I am practicing at home but the second I preform in front of
    my fellow thespians I tend to antic and tense which then leads to voice
    cracking and not doing the best that I can. This is extremely helpful to
    me, and if there are any other tips that you have to help me do the best
    that I know I can do it would be greatly appreciated:) thanks so much!

  16. hey Felicia ! me and my friend had a show in my school of Imagine dragons
    Radioactive some days ago due to my stage fear and less self confidence my
    part dosen’t sounded good but my friend rocked it .Now all my confidence is
    gone but i need to prove myself how can i sing like me? pls helpme anyone

  17. I have done it and it really does work. I’m usually intimidated by
    performers that go on before me. But I have to tell myself that My singing
    and playing in unique which helps me.I usually start out with something I
    know real well, that helps.

  18. Okay so my first talent show I was in 6th grade and I’m now in 8th grade
    the auditorium is huge!!! And ever seat was filled! Okay so me and my best
    friend was singing the cup song. At rehearsal at the beginning I felt super
    nervous singing but then after I sung the song about a million times I got
    okay and I felt better with my self then the day of the talent show I was
    so nervous I couldn’t even sing like I sung but it was so bad..

  19. Hello Fel! Oh my goodness, I think you were speaking to me personally. I
    have been told that I have a great voice by many people but I was also
    told, by one person, that I was just not good enough. Somehow that one
    opinion voiced by someone more than 10 years ago still outweighs all the
    other good comments that I’ve had and still paralizes me in the pit of my
    stomach when I want to sing in front of others. Because of this, I have not
    done any auditions despite the fact that I desperately want to sing out.
    The nerves always manifest in a shaky voice that eventually subsides once I
    get into the song. I am taking lessons and I’m starting to prepare for my
    grade 8 rock school vocal exam and the emphasis is so much on performance ,
    the one thing I have been shying away from. Thank you for posting this! I
    am going to be applying this from right now. You are awesome!

  20. thanks for this…will check out your other videos. I always have this fear
    that people will think I suck and that I will forget all the words!

  21. I had never thought about using EFT for stage fright! Great idea! I’m very
    interested in hearing more about this! Thank you!!!

  22. # itsJunXien31 #

    OHMYYGOD! I have an audition tomorrow for a competition and right now I’m
    all confident but I know when they announce my name, I’m going to freak my
    ass out and feel like shitting. I will try doing that tapping under your
    eyeball technique though. AHHHHHH WISH ME LUCK!

  23. Elizabeth was a very open and welcoming teacher who has a fantastic intuitive knowledge of how to get the best from your voice.

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