How to Add Crisp In Your Voice (AutoTune Tutorial) Hindi #Ep72

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Voicemeter Tutorial

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How to Sing Like Siddharth Slathia (AutoTune Tutorial) Hindi

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45 thoughts on “How to Add Crisp In Your Voice (AutoTune Tutorial) Hindi #Ep72”

  1. Wtf was this? Dude you need to roll off the frequencies below 100 Hz or your mix sounds muddy. Boost the 10000 Hz frequency by about 3 db. You also need to eq some harsh frequencies that your voice has.

  2. Aapke kehne ka Matlab hai ki Jo log Kai saal practice karte Hain vocal practice k liye vo sab bakwass hai ? Kam se kam Siddharth sahaab ki photo lagai hai to unke bare mein research kar k video banaya hota apne…and agar logo ko easy way mein samjhana hai to uski poori terms and conditions bata do..aapko to compressor ka use Bhi nahi pata hoga.. And agar pata hota to koi accha daw jarur suggest kiya hota.. please don’t misguide people..unko bataiye ki Siddharth salathiya k gaane jaisa gaana banwane k liye laakho k instruments lagte hain..

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