How I taught myself to sing (I used to be terrible) / You can learn anything you want!!

How I taught myself to sing when I used to be tone deaf! Thanks for the question Jessica! 🙂

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40 thoughts on “How I taught myself to sing (I used to be terrible) / You can learn anything you want!!”

  1. Jerry The Grey

    Im litterally doing the same thing you did and this whole time i thought i was doing everything wrong

  2. Paul's comments and questions

    This is an excellent motivating video for those young people who want to learn how to sing. I am going to search for videos of you singing as I have never heard you sing before. Are you well known as a singer with people of your age?

  3. I find this singing strategy β€œbamwo fetching site” (Google it) excellent. My voice has enhanced a lot due to the exceptional exercises I have taken apart from a simple warm-up program. I was able to improve my range and hit higher notes. I could now sing without easily straining in my voice and there are many new notes that I can sing.

  4. S. K. Zuidema

    “After 1 to 2 years, I got better.”
    Yeah. No. Thank you. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  5. Chris Wilkerson

    Bro wow your eyes are on fleek tho 😳 Jeez!! I’m straight and all but damn your eyes!! πŸ‘€

  6. irrelevant but your speaking voice sounds like my school’s librarian lmao. it’s like a really soft halfwhisper

  7. wife of shawn

    I don’t know how i sound but i don’t want my friends or family to listen to my voice because if it sounds bad it’s kiiiinda awkwarddd

  8. Really Though

    Something that helped me- record yourself singing. You don’t even have to show your self on the camera. Just record your voice. Helps to hear what everyone else is hearing! Side note: that was actually pretty good editing for a kid! Lol

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