How I Learned How To Sing with Vibrato!!

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This is my weird way of learning how to sing with vibrato.
Follow step-by-step to initiate learning how to sing vibrato.
Keep practicing until your vibrato sounds more natural.
It may not happen over night.
You probably weren’t expecting this type of answer. But just experiment with it and please subscribe.

Btw I’m working on a new intro song… :/ YouTube has been giving me copyright notices because someone turned in my channel for review. This is going to cut my revenue from YouTube by so much.
Any donation & help would be appreciated!
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44 thoughts on “How I Learned How To Sing with Vibrato!!”

  1. ahh icon😭 your tips are so much easier than anything I’ve ever heard and you have passion for it too which makes me wanna improve even more💘

  2. jaden providence

    You should do a video writing a song in 20mn. And if you do do a video of it can you shout me out. Thanks for being my favorite music youtuber.

  3. Hiii. Ican’t do whistles with my mouth open for some reason. Like I have to make a duck face and then do em. If that’s makes sense😂😂 also breath support?!!?!!!

  4. U are so funny, charismatic and talented!!! Also, how did the copyright claims of ur intro work out?? U don’t have to delete ur channel do u? I enjoy watching u so much!!

  5. Honestly anytime someone uses vibretos like ariana get me everytime like emotionally and it just gives me chills.
    I never understood how it works and how you can use it because I don’t naturally have a vibreto and I would really love to learn ♡♡

  6. i cant sing higher notes without going into my falsetto because i think i’m being too loud. So am i allowed to be as loud as I want when singing higher notes?

    1. Alexandra Barkhouse

      This is probably because you’re holding too much tension when you’re singing these higher notes, vibrato tends to come more easily if the vocal folds are more relaxed

  7. Hi…can you talk about voice in the mask? This confuses professionals maybe you gave an idea about vowels, high or low palate, larynx stable or high. Open throat and these crazy sings curses around…

  8. 1:10 to 1:31 zane is trying to be that awkward high school who tries to bait u into doing stupid stuff and then make fun of u later.😂😂😂😂
    “i know ur gonna sound weird….” “u just gotta clap it..”

  9. Food for Thought

    I need some advice on singing, please, I’ve never gone to a vocal coach and any help would be amazing! So whenever I sing higher or going from high notes to low notes, my voice quivers, and I can’t stop it, any advice? Also, I can’t tell if I’m hurting my vocal cords or if I just need to use them more, thanks for any and all your help!

  10. You are so talented 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😘🎸🎸🎸singer I appreciate your work and I always wish you get success all the time 🎸🎸

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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