How I learn to sing French songs (for language learners)

In this 45th episode of Follow My French I share with you my 8 steps for learning how to sing along with French songs – but this would work for any language that you’re learning!
Watch me learn how to sing ‘Elle me dit’ by Mika in French.

Elle me dit by Mika:

Elle me dit lyrics and translation:

If you liked this video you may like my video on how to find French music to listen to:

***How did I learn French? / Who am I?***

I am English and have been teaching myself French since late 2014.
I began by using Duolingo but I found I enjoyed Babbel more and learnt up to B1 French using only Babbel (+ occasionally watching/listening to French music/films). Link to a Babbel free trial is here:
Since finishing Babbel (late 2015) I have tried other methods for learning French such as MOOCs, books, casual conversational partners and a short course in Paris (Summer 2016) and I document all of my experiences on my YouTube channel.
As of January 2017 I am primarily learning French by making YouTube videos!

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73 thoughts on “How I learn to sing French songs (for language learners)”

  1. Isabella Biagiotti

    Great tips Aurella! Have you heard of the song “Plage d’or” by Jean Tonique (feat. Bleu Platine)? Such a great song! Also, “Reve a deux” by the same name is good too. I liked how you emphasized getting your ears used to the melody and the sounds before attempting to sing it! I think that’s very important, language is indeed music.

    1. Isabella Biagiotti

      Aurella Great! I forgot to lol “Les Voiles” by Poom is my all time favorite 🙂 i made my French playlist public if you want to go check it out. Good luck 🙂

    1. This method still works with rap songs, I’ve learnt many of those too.
      You just might want to put it on the even slower YouTube speed initially. 😊

  2. Hahaha! I don’t know if you watched my last video. But the content is very similar and somehow different! =D Great video, btw! XD

    1. Hey Stefan! Sorry I saw it but I didn’t watch because it’s in Portuguese 😅
      I like your choice of music! Is there a track list anywhere?

  3. I think it will more simple with Disney’s songs because everybody knows the meaning of these songs and it’s easier to understand the translation.

  4. Hi Aurella,
    Like your other videos, this video is also very helpful for beginners like me. As a beginner we will be overwhelmed with the number of French songs that are available. I suggest some among my favorites: La vie du bon côté, je suis malade & je t’aime by Laura Fabian.

    1. Hi Sowmya, I’m glad you liked the video!
      Ooh, I’ll have to go and listen to those songs – thank you for the recommendations!

  5. I did this with je cours and Ave cesaria by Stromae but i feel like I’m failing miserably lol guess I need more practice. Merci beaucoup pour ce vidéo!

  6. Have you ever tried this site – lyricstraining. com/fr to learn song lyrics its really good you should give it a try.

  7. Sambridhi Pandey

    I began listening to Françoise Hardy and loved her songs. I learned two of her songs including Tous les garçons and La maison and I am quite happy with it as a beginner unfamiliar with the language!

  8. J’adore Elle me dit! C’est mon chanson préféré!! Je suis Américan aussi et j’ai parlé Français pour sept ans plus au moins. Bonne chance avec Français!!!

  9. Amalia Stathopoulos

    j’adooore cette chanson. Je viens du Québec et d’une famille anglophone mais mes parents m’ont envoyé à une école français. I used to hate french class (and still do a bit tbh) but i’m actually thankful that they sent me to french school because it’s very useful when living in a bilingual city

  10. Kenani Koreski

    Is it weird that I am literally learning french through music?
    I speak English and Spanish. If I learn french, than I could speak to almost everyone in Europe! Yay!

  11. I’m Korean and I’m currently still trying learn english…but I can try learn this as well🇰🇷👍😂😐

  12. You’re doing great ! As a French girl, I think I am able to tell you and so, I tell you : your pronounciation is very good (:
    Personnaly, I am learning to sing Kpop songs (so in Korean) by doing this : first, I speak the lyrics slowly and without singing, to catch the good way to pronounce it. Then I speak/sing the lyrics, like, it’s still speaking but in rhythm and faster. After, I try to sing along the song but in reduced speed and finally, I sing it normaly, in normal speed. I know your video is to learn French songs but I think the way I learn Korean songs works for French too (;

  13. You are awesome 😀 I’ve been doing the same with Spanish. Music is literally the best way to learn a language in my opinion.

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