How Can You Learn To Sing – Discovering High Notes

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How Can You Learn To Sing?

In today’s singing lesson I am going to teach you how to increase your vocal range. This lesson is part three of my beginner learn to sing video series.

In lesson one I showed you how to find your tone. In lesson two you learned how to sing on pitch and now you are going to learn how to sing higher in your range.

39 thoughts on “How Can You Learn To Sing – Discovering High Notes”

  1. Aussie Vocal Coach

    @miab40000 I have quite a few videos on vocal warm up. If you go to my channel and click on the singing lessons playlist you will find them. I will be uploading some more as well. 🙂

  2. Paul Alexander Mills

    i can hit high notes and stay with them but like i have no singing ability in the sence that i just sound mumbly or grumbly when doing low medium tones something like a slow (youmeatsix) song any ideas man

  3. thats what happend to me my voice broke,and tehn i found this and it really helped me so PLEASE do more of these video lessons.
    P.S. Im 11 nearly 12 years old.
    Thank You

  4. Simple Is Better

    I like the crawl, walk, run approach you’re using. When I’d tried to follow other online lessons it felt like I was starting somewhere in the middle and over my head, but your videos keep me engaged. Thank you for the peace of mind and confidence.

  5. Thank’s bro’. I started singing with “g” sound in mind. Instantly, a better high singer. These videos are worth money.

  6. my bros like ‘no one likes hearing that’ when I joined in mostly because to my fam my voice sucks. But ima not gonna stop this, because you really making me better. Well I do karaoke’s and stuff, really beating the high scores I made before these videos/lessons.


  7. thank you for these very helpful vids you have shared i did the other vid were u explained finding your tone for beginners now i speak in a very high pitched voice an i did that 4 first time an my singing is like all in upper high notes i tried singin in low pitch voice but its still coming out as a high note does this mean i am a countertenor

  8. cesar contreras

    when i yawn i can hit really, really high notes and its great but i try to do it like him and my voice just cracks (:

  9. Your lessons are enriching…I enjoy every tips of yours….thanks..and keep inspiring us especially the beginners

  10. Very nice lessons. One requiest: Could you do a video on which notes (chords) to play on the piano for the people that play a little piano 🙂

  11. Alida Gosgnach

    I find that these lessons are really helping me, and I do sing a lot of songs on kareoke too… Thanks Ian 🙂

  12. Great video help me alot and your other lesson simple yet very effective!! You earn 1 suscribe 😉

  13. Rebekah Johnson-Carson

    Thank you your tips have been very helpful.  Do you think you could post another video about Tonal Clarity?

  14. thanks for your video’s it’s been a great help to me as i have just joined my local community choir the trouble is i am the only male at the moment and i have been told i am a bass 2 and it is hard to know where to pitch my voice with the ladys when we sing but it’s great fun being in the choir
    tanks again

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...