[HOT] How to sing well 마이 리틀 텔레비전 V2 20190607

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Come back stronger [mylittletelevision V2]
Mylittletelevision, which led the broadcasting era on the 1st day with its original content and freshness by combining Internet personal broadcasting and terrestrial entertainment program for the first time.
More evolved [mylittletelevision V2] communication.
‘Mylittletelevision’ chat system that led direct communication between performers and viewers!
The new mylittletelevision V2 introduces a more advanced two-way communication method with the introduction of the broadcasting system ‘voice chat system’!
‘Competition is not’ but born again [mylittletelevision V2]
We adopted a donation system to get away from the simple competition structure to occupy the number of the audience! All performers will collectively donate donations from their broadcasts, and try to make a contribution to donations where they need help.

★★★More “mylittletelevision” clips are available★★★


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