Hindustani Classical Vocal Music Lessons For Beginners – Podcast 1

This podcast provides training for beginners in Hindustani classical vocal music. Every episode progressively adds concepts so that learning will become easy. This podcast is mainly for the beginners.
Hema Upasani, a member of Meetkalakar.com, will conduct this training. Gaanheera Hema Neralkar Upasani, daughter of Pt. Nath Neralkar, one of the greatest Hindustani Classical Vocalist from Maharashtra has done her M.A. Music from S.N.D.T. University in Pune. Her Ragadari has the power to touch the chords of the souls of listeners. . She has carved a place for herself by singing Bhajans & Gazals in an exclusively magnification style.
This is the first episode in the podcast. This episode will introduce the seven swaras that form the basis of all the music that you’ve ever heard. Hema Upasani will help understand the technique of singing these seven swaras at their designated positions. It is interesting to know how these seven swaras have originated from nature.
Hema Upasani will discuss the concept of Aroha and Avroha She will also take us through a few Alankar. Alankar are the permutations and combinations of swaras. For improving your singing it is important that you practice these Alankars well.

HindustaniClassicalVocalLessonsForBeginners-Podcast1is now available on www.meetkalakar.com/mkpodcasts/HindustaniClassicalVocalLessonsForBeginners-Podcast1 hosted by Rajashree Rajadhyax and Richa Rajadhyax from Meetkalakar.com

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42 thoughts on “Hindustani Classical Vocal Music Lessons For Beginners – Podcast 1”

  1. Nic mam agar aap delhi mai hoo to mughe bhii sikhna h kya aap sikha sktii h
    plzzz mam my phn . No. Is 8745830246

  2. Awesome Video. Really appreciate your great effort. May I know what kinda
    basic qualities the learners should posses to learn Hindustani classical?
    Raja Mohamed


    Ma’am mera question ye tha ke awaz me murkhiyaan, fast utar charhao and
    awaz ziyadaa surili kese hoti hai?
    Iska khas riyaz kya hai?

  4. Anyone coming with a western ear who might be a little confused. Its a
    simple major scale but take close attention to most of the re’s and dha’s,
    as there’s a slight microtone between them. Also by doing these scales this
    way, and as in the following podcast. You can create some interesting lines
    as well as unique time signatures! It’s great for instrumentalists too!
    Thanks for the videos. I’m a music teacher myself and always loved this
    style, been ‘trying’ to educate my students! Haha thanks!

  5. Thank u mam.very help ful videos.aap ke voice very sweet like same..my
    hindsthani vocal music mam anumula yosha.

  6. thanku so much for the imformation u all r doing a fab work this
    imformation is just like my god for me as it helps me to increase my music
    skills thnx a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttt thanku

  7. music my soul

    its so much helpful… thanks a lot!! 🙂
    can u plzz tell me that on which scale of tanpura we must practice the
    aaroha and avroha??

  8. Its was miraculous to listen such clear and pakka swaraaas. I would be
    thankful if you could tell us how to practice basic swaraas on harmonium,
    if one doesn’t know how to play harmonium? Thanks

  9. this is a lovely video .. i want to learn sargam and raag … so how can i
    learn .. i m 11 yrs old .. i love music

  10. Pallavi Gopalan

    I learnt Hindustani Classical (Primary classes) many years ago..I was
    browsing through to start from scratch again. I landed on your videos. They
    are amazing. Beautifully explained and taught. Kudos to you and your team!

  11. Bhargav Chauhan (arakmo exploratory)

    I recently started learning and I feel ,I have cheated by local tutor in my
    town after watch your tutorials. Thanx to share :)

  12. I love your tutrol and I am from nepal and i love hindi songs more.When i
    listen hindi songs due to singers voice i feel very differnt in mee and I
    also wanna be a singer like them that someone will also have their feelings
    inside my voice but during doing sa re ga ma I feel very uncomfort from
    inside.. and I feel that it can’t be done from mee.. so please help me i
    wanna be a great singer but there is more problem in my neck and i fell
    very uncomfort… and its very difficult to be in your online touch cause i
    am from nepal.. please help me…

  13. Please remember that Booths encourages the popular RSL (Rockschool) singing syllabus along with all other singing exam boards such as Trinity and ABRSM.

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