Freya’s Singing Tips: Advanced Warm Up Routine (Exercises)

These warm up exercises can be used after doing a basic warm up. You can now take it up a notch by challenging your voice a little more.

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37 thoughts on “Freya’s Singing Tips: Advanced Warm Up Routine (Exercises)”

  1. hi freya.i came across your videos yesterday.when you breathe when singing you breathe threw the mouth.i have been abit confused what to do.i have been doing warm ups with youtube.and afew weeks ago went back to my old singing teacher.she was very impressed with my voice and i reached a top c note.but she wants me to breathe in through my nose.i have listened to last lesson ,I felt abit down because she said my voice was tired.i hadnt sang at all that u think it is because I have been breathing in through my nose?

  2. you’re amazing and I’m really grateful for all those helpful videos. thanks to you I am not straining anymore and my mixed register improved a lot. Great exercises!

  3. Hi Freya- love your videos, I’m so excited to practice. I have a question, would you ever teach how to play these exercise chords on the keyboard/piano?

  4. is it always important to do these warm-ups right before singing, like can I do them at morning but sing at night? will it have the same effect..? btw I love your videos, they are very helpful

  5. Thank you for the great video, but why did you say hard voice for girls and falsetto for guys when falsetto and head voice are two different things? Males and females both have them both too.

  6. Vanessa Odette Herrera

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  7. Thank you so much for putting so much time into making videos for us! This video (and so many others) is extremely helpful!!! =)

  8. Erin Pickering

    Was enjoying this until the “Ya” exercise going down the scale — your tempo fluctuated quite a bit and was really hard to follow. But overall, I enjoyed the new, advanced warmup suggestions.

  9. Hello Freya- just discovered your Channel – Great excercises !
    What i am missing is explanation on where to Place your tongue when doing excercises on the vowels “a” and “i” – i think this is important – i am never sure if i do it correctly – and how to really keep the throat open and not tighten it up.
    Maybe you Cover this in other Videos ?

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