Free Voice Lesson – Daily Warm Up – Female Range

By request! The Daily Warm Up video is meant to get you warmed up for your day of singing. This comprehensive video is for the female vocal, range, and covers major and minor tonalities, scale-wise and intervallic (skipwise) motion. Has both narrow range exercises and exercises up to a tenth in range. Does go through the passaggio (break).

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This video could also be used by tenor vocalists wishing to warm up their higher range voices. The range covered in this video is from G3 to Eb5

22 thoughts on “Free Voice Lesson – Daily Warm Up – Female Range”

  1. Jitske Trijntje

    Idea: pentatonic scale ex. makes me think of another excersize, again
    Vaccai-wise-speaking: learn singing the 16th patterns: fore you here,
    thanks: set up an excersize with the 16th, blocks of them in the style of
    the pentatonic scale (or also other exs.). So, first a slow performance and
    gradually enhance the tempo until …..ness.

  2. Angela Phillips

    Amazing!!! I have had this massive breaktrhouugh, I seem to have developed
    mid range power, and eveness of transition from mid chest to head voice,
    the mid range has been my weakest range, but now I am able to hit notes
    with power. So my top range Donna Sumemr stuff like I feel Love was good
    before, as was my Rhianna, but now I am learnign to belt out like Christina
    Aguilera and Pink and Beyonce. Thank you I love your warm ups…!!!

  3. jeannine baldomero

    This is an incredible warmup. I have watched a few of your videos and they
    are the best I have found! Thank you so much.

  4. thank you jeff, every week , i am doing these excercises. b( i am improving
    ) i suggest to my group choir.

  5. Hey I love this warmup! This is normally the first one I do before I sing.
    But I do have one question – why is the “eh” vowel the most used in all the
    warmups? Is it because it’s one of the harder ones to sing well, or are you
    trying to elicit something specific from the voice by using it?

  6. Jeanne Christopher

    Although I take voice lessons once a week, I love practicing with you on a
    daily basis. You make all the difference. Thank you a thousand times for
    posting your free instruction, it is very generous of you to share your
    knowledge openly, with no expectation of monetary gain. Little by little we
    are becoming a global community that nurtures one another. You are a
    forerunner in this. Warmest Regards, Jeanne

  7. Stephanie Gutmann

    What does it mean If I can’t even do a full arpeggio while trilling my
    lips? (I can only do short bursts before I need to sort of reset.) Does it
    mean I have a really tense lower face or something? I guess it would be
    helpful to be able to trill your lips like that (funny as it looks) through
    arpeggio scales…

  8. Hi Jeff,Sara here! Question, can a person do vocal lessons when they are
    recovering from a sore throat??

  9. My voice become stronger and stronger and I was able to hit notes that I never thought I would and produce sounds that shocked the heck out of everyone who heard me sing.

  10. If you are breathy, we give you a vocal exercise to increase your vocal cord closure, so you leak air less and without you squeezing.

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