Free Voice Lesson – Daily Warm Up – Baritone Range

By request! The Daily Warm Up singing lesson is meant to get you warmed up for your day of singing. This comprehensive singing lesson is for the baritone, low male vocal, range, and covers major and minor tonalities, scale-wise and intervallic (skipwise) motion. Has both narrow range exercises and exercises up to a tenth in range. Does go through the passaggio (break).

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36 thoughts on “Free Voice Lesson – Daily Warm Up – Baritone Range”

  1. This last exercise is good for me.I feel really those muscles around my
    vocal chords get good workout.They feels like training with weights.
    What exactly happens when they get tired?Don’t feel any pain.
    Can this sing staccato?I get tired easily when I sing short notes?
    That means my stamina is weak.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I’ve been doing this every night for over a week now with the
    lovely and prestigious Carisa Holmes. She loves it when I go deep.

  3. Dion Patrick Van Der Geest

    Wow I have been doing this warm up for the past 2 weeks now. And it works
    perfect for vocal range. I can also feel that I’m getting a more powerful
    voice. Thank you so much for making this video

  4. Hello! I find your videos pretty instructive and funny. Love them. Now I
    got a question that’s not directly related to your trainings but to
    something that happens from time to time when I either warm up or exercise.
    I don’t know how to explain this. Like… I feel my throat raspy and it
    kinda itches, specially when hitting and keeping high notes. I noticed it’s
    not always so it must be related to something I do when I sing, though I
    can’t figure it out. Do you have any insights? My range’s baritone.

  5. Anthony Alexander

    Hello, I am Anthony, I thank you for the awesome lessons, for a long while
    I was in the tenor section, and a wonderful lady said “Who told you that
    you were a tenor?” and the rest is a tremendous accomplishment to her great
    teaching…..I enjoy Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Steve Amerson, the best and
    much silver to you and yours….

  6. Great lesson Jeff. I stopped lessons several months ago until now. Your
    warm up lesson reignited my enthusiasm. Thanks

  7. Lucas Callahan

    Watched a few of these types, this was by far the best. Felt like I should
    pay you something after.

  8. Perfect for what I needed to sharpen my voice up. I’m a baritone (the
    forgotten range in todays’ penchant for boy tenors) so this is great.

  9. great exercise! I like the last one where there’s quick changes between oo
    and ee. it actually seems to help place my oo more naturally in my mouth
    than if I try to do oo on its own.

  10. Hi. I sing since I was a little boy and I feel like I’m a quite decent
    singer. I never made any such vocalizations and sounds either as warmup or
    as practice. I always felt like it was useless. However, everyone seems to
    agree that it does help, especially professionals. So, okay, I’m most
    certainly wrong in my premise. So I’d like to understand why doing such
    things help me become a better singer , or warm up better than just sing
    various songs instead. Thanks for answering.

  11. They have been selected purely for leisure; most of them might study to sing properly in the event that they utilized themselves and spent some time on vocal coaching exercises.

  12. When you be taught to sing, you additionally learn how muscle tissues of the whole body contribute to a sound.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...