Free Voice Lesson Consistency and Resonance Male Chest Voice Part 1

Vocalization to develop consistent resonance between vowel sounds. This singing lesson is pitched for the male chest voice. Part 2 is for female chest voice range, but could also be used to work on the passagio for the male voice.

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10 thoughts on “Free Voice Lesson Consistency and Resonance Male Chest Voice Part 1”

  1. Charlie In White

    Hey Jeff, I’m a Tenor and I feel like when I speak and sing, I sound like I am underwater. I find it so hard to project with resonance. It seems like warm ups help sometimes and sometimes they don’t. There is a point in my range where I can open up and sing loud and open but its a very small place. How can I open up on command and maintain a very bright tone throughout the low chest voice to the high mix voice? 

    1. First off, thanks for writing in and watching!

      It sounds like you may be using what used to be called a ‘legit’ tone, but it’s hard to say without hearing you.  You may be focusing the vowels too far back to the exclusion of the front resonators.

      Having consistent sound throughout your range requires appropriate airflow for the range that you are in and proper vowel focus.  With more appropriate airflow for range, we get more release in the voice, allowing for more overall resonance and consequently, volume.

      I would focus on airflow and engagement and working to reconcile any differences that exist between the vowel sounds.  This video on resonance can help, and I’ve also done some others that you may consider checking out.  Additionally, all the warm up videos go through nearly all of the typical vowel sounds, and it would be worthwhile to work on those in a comfortable range.

      I have a suspicion that it would be beneficial for you to work on an exercise that we use to find and focus our front resonators, I’ll do a video on that in the next several days and let you know when it’s up.

      Finally, hearing you would be very helpful.  If you can record something and put it up on youtube or soundcloud I’ll have a listen and give you some feedback.  It’s a courtesy I extend to the folks watching the channel!  If you make the videos private, you can send the invite or link via youtube’s message system.

      All the best,


    2. Hey there, this is the exercise that I was thinking of.  Give it a shot and see if you can play with the two types of resonances I mention in the video.  Feel free to get a recording together too, I’m always happy to have a listen.

      All the best,


  2. In Reply to George

    Dear Jeff. I’m a drummer, but I enjoy-y singing on occasion, mostly Metal. My growls are fine, and I really like my voice, also when I do clean vocals, but I have a tendency to sound monotonous. My voice is simply too dark and I struggle to project a clearer sound. What would you recommend me to do (apart from taking piano and singing lessons)?

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