Falsetto vs Head Voice Example – How To Sing Ep. 2

Make sure to stick around past the example of falsetto vs head voice. I share some crucial advice towards middle to end.
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8 thoughts on “Falsetto vs Head Voice Example – How To Sing Ep. 2”

  1. Thanks so much for checking out the video! I’ve started posting articles to accompany the vocal tutorial videos I make on this channel. Check it out here πŸ™‚

  2. BAESSYWAP BL Groups

    Im a man im 19 years old but my voice is not totally matured and others confused if im a lesbian or a boy. Instead of marured voice like a man it becomes feminine. 😭

    1. blake Ivey folmar

      BAESSYWAP BL Groups if you really want to have a deeper voice you should really focus on chest voice and learn how to belt. Belting is that shouting very masculine tone to your voice when you sing. Like when you call hey to a person from across the room. If you do some throat opening exercises you will be able to gain a deeper tone also. It allows you to dip to lower notes.

    2. blake Ivey folmar

      BAESSYWAP BL Groups but really embracing the higher tone is something many wish they had the opportunity to do so embrace itπŸ˜‚

    3. BAESSYWAP BL Groups

      blake Ivey folmar its 1am in the Philippines and im so tired and sleerp and trying to record my voice but it was the result

  3. Great video as always. I’m just wondering why and where would one use their head voice over the chest voice? Also, when Kellin (form SWS) reaches those really high notes, is it ever falsetto?

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