Everyone Says I Sing Like Halsey (SINGING IMPRESSIONS)

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41 thoughts on “Everyone Says I Sing Like Halsey (SINGING IMPRESSIONS)”

  1. I walk halsey live in Charlotte aǹd you don’t sound any were close to her voice and I’m not trying to be mean or rewd but it’s true

  2. Lilith Arabella

    it’s a little embarrassing that you think you can sing amazingly. you’re not /bad/ but you’re not as good as you think you are. also you piqued at your first halsey vid and gone downhill since that, sorry for being a bit brutal w my opinion but ya

  3. so emo i fell apart

    i mean i like her voice its pretty good and calming but she sounds nothing like those artists

  4. Everyone keeps saying the Billie Eilish one is the best but the Julia Michaels one is the biggest W

  5. Lorde: You overdid the lisp, it’s just a bit more than she’s got in her music. Other than that, it was actually really good. *7.5/10*

    Halsey: It’s pretty good overall, but somethings different in the quality of your voices. Something’s just missing, though i can’t quite tell what it is. Something just feels off. *6/10*

    Billie Eilish: I feel like you’ve gone a bit overboard with the sort of airy out-of-breath way she sings. Tone it down a bit, and it’d be really good. *5/10*

    Melanie Martinez: You’re voice is a bit deep, and doesn’t capture the airy quality in her voice. One of the times where you didn’t capture their voice enough rather than going overboard. *4.5/1*

    Julia Michaels: You captured her voice quite well I think, and other than a few differences in the pitch and general “feel” of her voice, I think this was nice. *7/10*

    Talyor Swift: Her voice is more delicate and dainty than yours, more breathy as well. You didn’t quite get the softspoken she presents, but a solid effort. *4.5/10*

    Katy Perry: Once again, it seems a bit like you overdid the deeper tone of Katy’s voice, and the E’s are sung weirdly. Not sure if that’s just how you sing/say them, but it isn’t really how Katy does it so I’m subtracting points. Like in “now look at me” she pronounces the E more as an E, while you did it more like an A. You did this consistently, so I can’t just say it was an accident. *6/10*

    Overall, you definitely can do some decent impressions. Lorde’s and Julia’s were some of my personal favorites, but you did decent with Halsey as well. You do have some potential and I’m excited for what you do next, music-wise.

  6. I Don't Know Elisa

    You make me wanna do singing videos again but I need a mic. Also Halsey and Billie was so perfect

  7. Throughout the whole video you really sound like you’re straining your voice and your breath control is really off

  8. Hella Jennifer Lawrence vibes. You’re a super talented singer Juli. Games sounds really cool and I can’t wait to hear your album!

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