Ep. 98 Voice Lessons For Beginners Part 1 – “Twelve Steps To Vocal Success”

VLTTW’s mission has always been to make Advanced singing topics simple and fun! But, what about Beginning singers just starting out? Well, this is the episode for YOU! In Part 1 of a 2-part series, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching breaks down 12 Steps that will help you get started on a blessed, successful, and Joyful vocal journey! Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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40 thoughts on “Ep. 98 Voice Lessons For Beginners Part 1 – “Twelve Steps To Vocal Success””

  1. The New Foundry Studios

    Hi Justin. This video is excellent. Very educational. I use all of this when teaching. Keep making great videos.

  2. Great as always!
    But it is not true that you are similar to Leonardo Dicaprio. You are similar to Paul Nicholls from the movie If Only <3 Sorry, i had to 😀 Greetings from Poland 😀 You are doing a great job

  3. Justin is an amazing teacher! I strongly recommend everyone to buy the Voice Lessons to The World vocal course. My voice is emproving everyday.

  4. Why do you go from chest to head/falsetto? Why not chest to mix? When I go chest to head I strain 🙁 Is it cause I might be lifting my larynx?

  5. You have the gift of conveying joy!
    Thanks Justin
    Could you explain what happens to the larynx when you cough and throw up, please?

  6. דן ליאחובצוק

    Thank you vary mach…
    I want to sing with a distortion, can you please teach us how to do that? And do I need to have a clean vocal before I sing with a distortion?
    Dan from Israel

  7. Ver-Toni Verfall dem Wahnsinn! [German Creepypasta]

    Still watch all your videos immediately when they come out. Thanks for getting back to more frequent Uploads. 🙂

  8. Hi. I sing Opera and would like to know how to modify the famous Italian vowels when singing Top A and TOP B. Any input would be great. Thanks steve

  9. I would really appreciate if you help me with this : as I go higher my voice becomes thick not always but when I don’t warm up my voice sometimes it’s normal but sometimes it goes really thick can u help me with that?

  10. Very comprehensive compilation of important advice…Justin..thanks for the encouragement …you are a great teacher too.

  11. oh yes you guys are over 100k and you guys are verified as well!! congrats guys!!! so happy for you guys! hope you guys will soon cover the topic of MUSCLE TENSION DYSPHONIA and SPASMODIC DYSPHONIA 🙂

  12. The Pullip Doll Club

    Brilliant! Your teaching style makes learning about singing non-intimidating and of course fun! I’ve been singing in church since I was child, though I’ve never taken real voice lessons and part of the reason is because I always found some of the teachers either intimidating or boring.

  13. Dear Justin, you always make me feel happy and motivated after watching your wonderful videos. Thank you Justin, I believe I am meant to sing, amen!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...