Ep. 88 “How To Sing Mix Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 3

Singing in the Mix Voice is perhaps the most highly-prized vocal technique for singers of Rock, Pop, R&B, Musical Theatre, and all vocal styles. In Part 3 of our Vocal Register World, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching explores the Mix Voice in depth. You’ll gain mastery over your Mix through vocal exercises, song examples, and Mix singing tips. Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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30 thoughts on “Ep. 88 “How To Sing Mix Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 3”

  1. Joshua Dela Cruz

    Every time a notification for one of this series shows up, I get so
    excited! On to watching!

  2. i have a question …. when i touch the high notes ….. My chest speaks up
    Automatically and mix becomes low ….. is it good ??
    should i continue with that ???

  3. Well done Justin, this is probably the best explanation of the mix I’ve
    seen. The world needs more voice coaches like you!

  4. PinballWaluigi64

    I’ve seen many of your videos that mention mixed voice, and they’ve really
    helped! I’ve been able to find the right amount of compression (I used to
    drag my chest voice a lot), and now I can hit notes like A4 and Bb4 more
    cleanly. Not perfectly, of course, but I can tell there’s been tons of
    improvement. Thanks a lot!

  5. I have been waiting for this for so long! I’ve always struggled with my
    mixed voice, specially with tension!

  6. David Vasquez

    Mixed voice has really helped me expand my range. My chest voice range
    usually stops at a F#4, but exploring a bit more with my mixed voice has
    helped me get up to a Bb5 with a warmed up mix. My mix has more of
    clear/piercing quality at the top; However, I haven’t really perfected the
    kinks out on transitioning from my chest voice to mix voice so there’s a
    bit of a gap in my range that I’d like to fill from F#4(where my chest
    voice ends) to (D5) where I begin to get comfortable with my mix, but this
    video has helped me out a bit on understanding the where abouts of my mixed
    voice, so THANK YOU for always giving me helpful information Justin! :)

  7. Robert Stebbins

    Justin, watching your videos have encouraged me to be positive and strive
    to work to be the best version of myself in singing, you are changing my
    life and I sincerely thank you for it!

  8. Demi lovato is becoming chest dominant and she forced her vocals to sound
    loud. I wish Demi learns her mix like back in the unbroken era.

  9. My question is how do I belt high notes while keeping my larynx neutral?
    Most artist belts in high larynx and it doesn’t sound healthy.

  10. hey Justin, speaking about practice I finding it hard to find the voice. I
    am making progress with my breathing, but hard for the voice to be
    discovered. I feel like I have this problem of singing from the throat
    which is maybe the tension. What is the solution to this ?

  11. phiên nguyễn hoàng

    dear Justin, i finally figure out how to control my vocal cords, i mean
    cord closure, a little bit of a compress voice is slowly produced now.
    Anyway, i have less trouble going up than going down. i can feel the
    transition pretty clear but as i go to my top, i get stuck in that
    register. what’s wrong with me :(

  12. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love how personal these lessons feel and how you are
    able to add humor to the lessons to make them more enjoyable!!! THANK YOU

  13. hey Justin I love sing and I sing good but some times some notes sounds
    good and some notes sounds really bad I just stick !! in that problem that
    Make my whole song go so bad because of some bad note can you plz help !!!!

  14. hey justin. My name is russell, I love singing to death. This past 4 years
    i felt like my vocal cord betray me, my doctor said its normal sign he also
    mention to me that i had a little inflammation in my throat. Is there any
    ways that i can fix it?

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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