Ep. 86 “How To Sing Chest Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 1

Many singers want to learn to sing in Chest Voice – the strongest vocal register of them all! In Part 1 of our Vocal Register World Tour, Voice Teacher Justin Stoney explores how to find and strengthen your Chest Voice. Through singing tips, vocal exercises, and detailed pedagogy, your Chest Voice range will be solider than ever! Enjoy Voice Lessons To World!

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36 thoughts on “Ep. 86 “How To Sing Chest Voice” – Vocal Register World Tour 1”

  1. I’m so excited for this “world tour” FINALLY everything I’ve been wanting
    to know in a 5 part series!!!

  2. Oh Justin, when will Whistle Register tutorial will come to us?
    It”s been long time of waiting for it.

  3. Hey Justin, great video!! Is there anywhere we can go to hear *you* sing??
    like an album you’ve made, or a cover on YouTube?? Thank you ♥

  4. it’s like you read my mind I’ve been searching but there’s barely any
    videos on YouTube about chest voice my weakest register, I’m very great
    full and can’t wait till the next vid thanks Justin your the best

  5. TheAnalog Mann

    Just bought the beginners level vocal course yesterday. I really enjoyed
    it. Thank you Justin; it’s helping me gain more confidence and become a
    better singer!

  6. Hey Justin! Have you made a video about disengaging specific muscles when
    singing? Long ago I’ve read an article about people using the wrong
    muscles(the ones for swallowing) for closing the vocal chords when the
    actual responsible ones are fatigue and engaging the bad ones for the rest
    of their lives. Recently I’ve also read about tensed digastric muscles
    working *against* important muscles. So is their any truth to any of those

  7. Sami Yusufs Ally

    Thank you so very much brother Justin! For all the great tips &
    encouragement 🙂 Bless you .
    I’m so glad to see a new episode ♥

  8. Justin, your vibrant passion for vocal teaching and putting together these
    videos never ceases to inspire me!

  9. Hey Justin or anyone who can help. I just had a laryngoscopy done and was
    told i may have silent reflux (which i am starting on medication for) had a
    little bit of thickening of the vocal folds due to vocal abuse. He said I
    have to rest and cut back on singing. I don’t mind cutting back but don’t i
    still need to practice and strengthen my voice if i want to become a
    singer? Also it is difficult to rest my voice when i am at a job where i
    need to talk all day. Does anyone have any tips? What should I do.

  10. Chest voice is not my problem. i have that down. My problem is finding and
    control the mix! help!! i don’t understand!

  11. Arrgh, a touch of the pirate in there. Yo! Yo! Live man’s chest voice. I am
    looking for’ard to the next lesson in ye series.

  12. Hi Justin, I have a question that’ve been bothering me since I was a little
    guy. I’ve always admired Michael Jackson’s ‘angry voice’ (Dangerous album,
    blood on the dance floor etc). Of course I know that MJ was kinda special
    if we’re talking about voice etc. and no one could ever sound like him,
    still, I think adding some emotion can help me with more emotional
    approach. Can you tell me what technique MJ used? Was that soft growl or
    maybe something else?

  13. Hi Justin, I have a request. I have been singing casually with my family
    and friends and came across a word in vocal terminology “Ad-Lib”. If
    possible, can you create a video explaining what “Ad-Lib” is and how I can
    utilize it in singing? Thank you so much!

  14. Kristopharaoh Films

    Hey justin, do you know what overdrive is from cvt? I think it’s also
    called “chest” since it’s a calling out type of sound that’s manly. It says
    we’re limited to open vowels: EH and OH for higher notes (E4+) mainly.
    Depends on your voice type

  15. Bradley Monroe

    When you sang old man river in the upper octave from C4 to E4, that sounded
    like a dramatic tenor voice to me.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...