Ep. 15 “Pop vs. Classical”- Voice Lessons To The World

What are the differences between pop singing and classical singing? In Episode 15, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching coaching addresses the stylistic and technical differences between these styles. Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

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40 thoughts on “Ep. 15 “Pop vs. Classical”- Voice Lessons To The World”

  1. Great video, is there a significant difference in voice placement in pop
    and classical singing? My teacher always says to sing with placement in the
    mask and to feel the vibration in your mask and forehead, but she is an
    opera singer so im wondering if this placement is used by pop singers too?

  2. Another very helpful lesson (You are VERY good at this –including clear
    communication in plain language–not all that common in my experience). I
    hope you’re being suitably rewarded. By the time I watch all your lessons I
    will need to send you a check. If I ever manage to make any money singing,
    I WILL! Next time I’m in NYC to visit my brother I would love to buy you
    lunch. Happy New Year.

  3. Very helpful! My goal has always been to sing pop but I took 2 years of
    lessons with a classical teacher because that was all that was available in
    my area. I eventually got burnt out because she wouldn’t teach me what I
    wanted to learn. Now, after a long hiatus, I’m taking another stab at it
    and going the self taught route. Ur video gave me some huge eye openers as
    to why I get frustrated trying to sing pop. Thanks a ton! Do u have any
    recommendations for books or videos to help me learn more about pop style?

  4. Good presentation Justin. I think another point to make here is in regards
    to viability to make a living as well. You probably didn’t want to touch on
    that but, people that are studying ONLY classical are a hard go at it to
    make a living as a singer. Many people that are trained Classical, simply
    don’t have the muscle memory to sing pop or rock… so they can’t sing in a
    simple cover band to make a buck if they have to… not all, but this is a
    big problem as well.

  5. Cesar Andres Parreno Guerrero

    The thing is. There is more to classical singing than styling. It teaches
    how to sing properly. If you have classical bases, you can take the good
    voice conserving technique and apply it to pop, rock, salsa, and any other
    style. Classical singing preserves your voice and helps you sing
    masterfully. That is the thing that separates good singers from great

  6. I am happy to discover your site! I am also in agreement with most of your
    ideas on vocal technique. As a classical singer and teacher of students who
    have won International prizes, I would like to add, that the reason that
    singers of pop-rock genres get vocal nodules quite easily at at a much
    greater percentage than classical singers, is that they do not use their
    muscles of support correctly and precisely because they are singing with a
    microphone.They don’t need to project, so they simply do not support the
    soft dynamic. Since one of my specials is damage repair, I have had to
    teach your genre of singer to understand those muscles by first learning
    how to project properly and then use those same muscles and breath flow
    when singing in”pp”. Thank you for your insights!

  7. I sing classical and pop classical trained pop singers singer healthier I
    learned when you apply pop with classical training your sing healthier
    singers like Celine Dione and Mariah Carey are example of singers who are
    classically trained

  8. Michael Cook (MCookies21)

    I was classically trained, but now as I want to do pop as I’ve grown up,
    people say my voice sounds theatrical sometimes, how can I sound more pop
    or contemporary?

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