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In this How To Sing Covers video, we’re working on the popular cover “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheehan has great control of his voice, so it comes across effortlessly in his recordings of this song. However, when most singers are working on another artists cover song, there are technique issues that reveal themselves.

With this particular song and with Kasey’s voice, it was important to have him relax and back off a bit, rather than pushing and forcing the notes. You’ll also see how I address his release when he goes to hit the high notes… You’ll see how he makes the adjustment, and is able to hit the high notes with much less effort, just by releasing rather than pushing up for those notes.

37 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – How To Sing Covers – Roger Burnley Voice Studio”

  1. He is an ok singer, wouldn’t say a big singer. He is very nasal, might be
    because of your teaching, but i find this nasality gives him an annoying
    tone and makes him holding a pitch hard. I can fully chest this song
    without nasal qualities, but with correct vowel modifications. Maybe this
    guy could do with pharyngeal resonance instead of full nasal/twang sound. I
    can hear that he needs a lot of support work. He is mixing his voice far
    too early I feel, but this is pretty much Speech level singing techniques
    you are teaching him. You say he has great control of his voice, but i hear
    no control, I see him struggling with control and holding notes.

  2. Jordan Mitchell

    Hi roger your videos saved my singing voice i discivered i have a VERY wide
    range for a guy im 18 and i can sing upto some soprano notes just by
    reversing my thinking and letting go! If i become a successful singer one
    day i will deffinantly be hiring you as my coach!

  3. Super hard song with that crazy angelic tone he has. I just saw Ed perform
    two days ago. Live he does it a whole tone down probably to save his voice
    on the road. I’d get this guy to do the same.

  4. I really liked your video, also I would love to hear Kasey singing some
    Olly Murs, I think his voice would really suit it.

  5. im suprised that roger has not said ed doesnt sing it in this key, if you
    listen this track is a kareoke in a studio key ed does not do it in this
    key, and thats why the pupil is going flat

  6. I don’t like the voice and the way the singer sings. It sounds the voice
    coming out from his mouth and the way he sings sounds forced, it sounds

  7. Sorry,if I’m making a question bad. How old are you? Because, I liked you.
    And i’m 20 years,I will to USA just in 2020. And i don’t want you died
    before of you teach me.
    Sorry,my english is bad,I am brazillian. But im learning english.
    You’re funny,is very good.

  8. Lorenzo Crawford

    Roger, can you offer any advice on how to improve your lower tones so they
    sound more pleasant..such as this song I can sing the chorus in my middle
    register but the starting verses are lower & are more of a challenge

  9. I’m just starting out how to learn how to sing. Is there anywhere I should
    start from or just learn the basics? Thanks for the awesome videos too.

  10. I love that Roger and the singer are showing quite realistically the
    challenge inherent in a singing a song like this. You have to really work
    at it. Sometimes it’s very beneficial to sing a little out of your normal
    range, much like adding another pound to a dumbell. The voice eventually
    becomes accustomed to the additional stress.

  11. JustToBe Blunt

    This is almost a waste of time….there is absolutely no for him to attempt
    to take his chest voice so high….Ed sheeran doesnt even sing this song in
    the original key live…..and probably for good reason…kind of seems
    crazy…..a lot of things can be learned hear, but so much more can be
    learned -1 or -2 keys.

  12. Shot Kasey! I heard improvement as he kept singing. How is he now? May I
    request an up to date cover of this song from him?

  13. hey could you help me out with finding my singing voice and helping me get
    better tone in my voice I play guitar but I don’t have the best singing
    voice I just want to be good not perfect just ding and people would like it
    just for fun could you help

  14. Your singing lessons will be as unique as you and we can work on any style of music, with covers or originals, with or without guitar, backing tracks or piano.

  15. Firstly there are some things you are able to do yourself that will aid you develop a very good singing voice and expend your range.

  16. The Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias Mixed Voice Choir was formed in November 2014 giving locals the opportunity to sing under the leadership of Geraint Roberts.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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