Do You Really Sing Better In The Shower?

Singing in the shower seems to sound better, but what is actually happening to the sound waves in that soapy, tiled room?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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41 thoughts on “Do You Really Sing Better In The Shower?”

  1. An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' as a physical process. Quantum Atom Theory

    What about a video on the weird theories we have on YouTube that would be interesting and good for the YouTube community?

  2. The real reason is since there’s all that reverberation, there’s more/clearer feedback for you to work with and adjust to. It’s harder to sing when it’s harder to hear yourself.

  3. Tormod Hjelmeseth

    Singing in the car is better as it absorbs sound. This teaches you to better produce tones and the reverb effect. Singing to music is the worst thing you can do as the music maskes your mistakes and also forces you to sing at the pace the song is recorded in, which might not suit your voice.

  4. Попробуйте спеть в турецкой бане))))) сидишь один в огромном круглом сооружении с куполом… звук такой что две минуты и ты победитель шоу “Голос” и шаман вводящий в транс целую нацию одновременно

  5. There was a recording studio in Virginia, I think, that used an elevator shaft to achieve this kind of reverberation. They could adjust the amount of reverb by moving the elevator to a different floor. It worked rather well, but I thought it kind of funny that you always had to use their stairs.

  6. Francesco Varrato

    I was waiting for the explicit reference to Woody Allen’s movie about Rome, and the scene with the lyric singer that was good only under the shower and so they decided to bring the shower on stage 🙂

  7. I think the biggest advantages to singing in the shower would be you can hear yourself really well and the moist air is easy on your throat. Singers will often plug an ear with their hand to hear themselves more clearly over the music to stay in tune. The effect here is similar. Try it yourself, it really helps. Whereas singing to music with headphones will inevitably cause even experienced singers to go off key. This is why you often see singers recording with only half of the headset on.

  8. My bologna? Don’t you mean bologna? This guy’s pronunciation of bologna is bologna! I need some bologna to calm down my bologna about all this bologna bologna.

  9. Here’re some questions:
    • why don’t we instinctively know about sex?
    • why do we instinctively suck on/lick wounds?
    • why do we pick scabs?

  10. Hey I’ve got a science question about the rate of water evaporation. So I was walking down the street with the sun out, and just as I was coming upon a bridge it started to only slightly rain. I noticed the drops that landed on the street almost immediately evaporated, and I was wondering if a similar thing was happening to the river below the bridge.
    I imagine that it isn’t because the river is at a cooler temperature then the street, but what about the oceans and rivers in a hotter area (perhaps around the equator) where the water is as warm as my street on a 45 degree (f) day. Is the evaporation rate on my street the same as the ocean in Ecuador? Or does static cling of water make it harder to evaporate? When my street is wet (more then just a lite rain) is it harder for water to evaporate? Lol so many questions ^.^

  11. Commenting before looking at video – everyone sings and plays instruments differently with reverb and bathrooms has it. Let’s see if I was right…

  12. As a filmmaker, I also notice bathroom with windows also gives nice and soft light. In short, bathrooms make you look better, sound better and smell better.

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