Cute Triplets Learning How to Sing, Relax and Let’s Laugh! 可愛三孖女學唱歌超治癒,可爱三孖女学唱歌超治愈,年青人笑一個吧!

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常說小朋友天真無邪, 無憂無慮;成年後為了迎合社會,做什麼之前都要思前想後,為將來打算。現在不妨看看這對學唱歌的三孖女,她們單純的笑容不禁令人慨嘆過去的青春,累了倦了就停下來,做自己開心的事情,尋找大人中的“童真”!

Cute triplets learning how to sing, relax and let’s laugh!
It is often said that children owns a heart of naive and carefree; As catering to society and planning for the future in later adulthood, they must always think twice before they do anything. Now let’s take a look into cute triplets, their pure and simple smile can’t stop us from looking back our teenagerhood. Slow down the pace when you feel tired and confused, do something which brings you happiness and look for the “childhood” in adults!
#天真 #naive #三孖女 #cutetriplets #治癒 #單純 #pureandsimple #童真 #childhood

常说小朋友天真无邪, 无忧无虑;成年后为了迎合社会,做什么之前都要思前想后,为将来打算。现在不妨看看这对学唱歌的三孖女,她们单纯的笑容不禁令人慨叹过去的青春,累了倦了就停下来,做自己开心的事情,寻找大人中的“童真”!

#天真 #naive #三孖女 #cutetriplets #治癒 #單純 #pureandsimple #童真 #çhildhood

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Studio Experience
Each of the students will be required to record a song in the studio so as to gain practical recording experience.
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