Classical Voice Lesson #3, Messa Di Voce

Student tenor Mendel Markel takes you along on his journey to discover his voice through Bel Canto classical singing with voice teacher Dan Teadt. You can follow the full journey on

17 thoughts on “Classical Voice Lesson #3, Messa Di Voce”

  1. Mendel Markel

    @VIDEOHEREBOB I know, the talking gets lost in the acoustics of the room.
    That’s what happens when you throw down a camera in a room made for choral
    singing. I’ll try to find ways to improve it as time goes on, but for now
    this is all I got. Sorry bout that.

  2. Mendel Markel

    Simple in concept, hard in action. It’s the ability to create a vocal
    dynamic plateau without change in tone, color, pitch, etc. i.e. like
    holding a steady clear note and turning the volume knob smoothly up to
    louder and then smoothly back down, with no breaks or changes. This is
    accomplished by the complete ability to regulate the air being released and
    the complete control of the diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic muscles – or la
    lotta vocale, “the vocal struggle” in Bel Canto lingo

  3. @sheichet Yes, but a lot of singers stay in falsetto rather than engage the
    true folds. This is such a difficult exercise as you well know.

  4. @VIDEOHEREBOB You’re absolutely right, it is a very hard exercise and as
    you can see I still haven’t quite mastered it, which becomes only too
    apparent when compared to how my teacher does it. But I understand the
    concept and now it’s just practice, practice, practice. Good things after
    all don’t necessarily come easy 🙂 

  5. @sheichet I can only swell, but i have those annoying cut!! yes,
    my friend we keep trying.

  6. i love the messa Di voce, i have found that falsetto singing has help with
    the messa di voce in my studys, also perfect onset of sound is needed, 

  7. I know. Unfortunately it’s the best I can do with the limited equipment I
    have. Sorry bout that. 

  8. It’s a way to make sure you don’t sing through your nose. When singing, if
    you pinch your nose, there should be zero effect on your singing.

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