Christine Is Taking Singing Lessons For Mykelti’s Wedding | Sister Wives

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Christine decides to take singing lessons to prepare for her big performance at Mykelti’s wedding.
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54 thoughts on “Christine Is Taking Singing Lessons For Mykelti’s Wedding | Sister Wives”

  1. If you have to take singing lessons to sing at my wedding then I don’t want you singing at my wedding. Fuck no, am I letting anyone ruin my day. Mykelti is fucking insane to ask that of a person that can’t sing.

  2. Singing hideous. Looks like Christine and Cody are liking eachother. Cody does not like Meri. I don’t blame him. Really, give me money for my mom to buy her a house. Meri is selfish and self centered.The newness of the young wife is over and janelle is still there being overlooked.

    1. How is Meri the selfish one when every single thing she’s ever wanted to do for herself gets shot down by Kody, regardless of how much it personally means to her? She was contemplating IVF to have another baby so she wouldn’t be alone when Mariah moved out, he shot that down. She wanted to go back to school and take classes, also shot down by him. And now with the bed & breakfast idea, he’s the only one of the adults who isn’t fully supportive of what she wants. See the pattern there?

    2. Meri isn’t selfish for wanting something for herself. She worked so long to provide for kody’s other kids she can have the b&b now that her kid is out of the house.

    3. Exactly…the selfish one in that marriage is Kody, because it’s clear that polygamy really started as a way to stroke his ego by having multiple women telling him how awesome he was, and Meri’s and anyone else who isn’t Robyn’s needs are completely overlooked and shot down. She’d be better off permanently moving to Utah and finding a man that will give her the love she isn’t getting with Kody.

    1. Mine sucks. Which is why nobody hears me sing. However, if I went on TV in front of the free world and sang, I would 1000% expect people to talk shit about it

    2. Rebecca Dennen – Reality check:  The people making fun of her voice are not out singing at weddings, or worse yet, in front of viewers on television.  The only place her voice would be appreciated would be in a facility for homeless cats.

  3. On last night’s episode they had Christine’s THIRD rehearsal for this song, in which she got progressively worse and more screechy and off-pitch. It’s excruciating. I am sure we will have to sit through a FOURTH performance at the actual wedding.

  4. Frank Sinatra, you ain’t. Sandi Patty, you ain’t. And the reason why I say this is because you don’t have the singing pipes to get signed to Capitol Records.

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