Can Someone “Learn” To Sing? (Part 1)

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43 thoughts on “Can Someone “Learn” To Sing? (Part 1)”

  1. I think I’m in the first category with a little of the third one thrown in.
    I’ve been trying to learn to sing but I haven’t been following the rules
    very well so I think I’m making my voice worse. It is getting more scratchy
    and because I don’t have a good ear I’m not sure if I’m doing anything
    right or wrong. I’m trying to sing more but I just seem to be making it
    worse. I’m definitely going to be slowing down and starting from the
    beginning with your videos. 🙂

  2. yep, I’m definetly type 3 ever since I was little my big sister, who has a
    good voice, always told, and still tells me, I can’t sing, I mean I know I
    don’t sing very well but now I just can’t sing in public, or even with
    friends for that matter cuz I’m kinda afraid they’ll tell me the same…but
    god do I love singing

  3. I wish I could move to wherever you’re at just to take lessons from you.
    I’m that 2nd and 3rd person you mentioned but I want a better voice so bad.
    Music is my life.

  4. For daily practice. How much should you practice per day including warmups?
    I’m a beginner so I don’t want to overwhelm myself, but I do want to make
    sure I’m getting adequate practice.

  5. I don’t care how old i’m gonna be.. but if i’ll have enough money, i’ll
    look for you and ask you to be my teacher. I can barely sing and a DEFINITE
    type 3 -_-

  6. Beading4perfectionis

    catogory 3 here, as a kid a teacher told me my I was an annoying base in
    between all those high pitch kid voices. Noways I do beading video’s and I
    get ” I love your voice” all the time LOL

  7. My biggest roadblock when it comes to singing is that I want to sing more
    then almost anything but Im so shy I have a hard time practicing around
    people ;-;

  8. I turned into type 3 years ago. I got over that, but now I am working on
    the type 2, because I closed up for so long, it is like starting all over
    again. The best self confidence booster I had was when I was singing in a
    parking lot and did not realize I was as loud as I was. So I was putting
    the groceries in the car and there were people every where clapping. If I
    could learn to get type two down. I know I could do it.

  9. enrique octavio maynez jasso

    i know that everybody can learn to sing but.. its it possible for every
    person who learns to sing performe for example a cover of fredy mercury?

  10. ForeverCellist

    I’m in the third group, but not quite the way you explained it. My parents
    (my dad in particular) have always told me that I sing pretty well, and I
    used to sing all the time when I was younger. But as I got older for some
    reason I stopped wanting to sing in front of people, even my own family and
    friends. I honestly don’t think I sing well even when people tell me I do,
    and I’m pretty self-conscious. I’m trying to get over that! >< Watching this video really helped me realize this. 🙂

  11. I was just recently introduced to you and your YouTube channel and have
    enjoyed what i’ve seen. I believe your positive attitude is so awesome.
    Keep doing what u do!

  12. Hi Eric, in order to improve on my singing, WHAT MUST I NOT AND DRINK to
    keep my voice cool n clear. Coz i hear wines and beers are not good for the

  13. I’m scared to sing whenever’s there’s people within a 200ft radius. If I do
    sing, it’s quietly to myself, in my room or in the shower. I wan’t to see
    if I can get out of my comfort zone though. I’m not trying to become a
    great singer but, be able to sing at least.

  14. As well as?having?thirteen years’ experience teaching Music and singing in secondary schools up to A Level and Grade VI standard, I actively perform as a singer and keys player in an Indie band (The Motion) and an eclectic music collaboration called the Karlos Kollective.

  15. Vibration resounding singing the track in gentle of every cell 3 billion atoms of your physical body and the thoughts continues to be breathe the character of the oneness of God.

  16. A nice variety of vocal workouts and complete songs in various styles are presented, making this ebook an enjoyable studying expertise as well as an effective device for voice development.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

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