Breathing for Singing: Your Questions Answered | Singing Lessons

Breathing for Singing: Your Questions Answered addresses the following:
1) How much air should you breathe when singing?
2) Should you breathe through the nose or the mouth?
3) When should you breathe?

You will also be provided some exercises to tie in all of those points together in addition to seeing how it applies in an actual song (“Tonight I Wanna Cry”).


0:00:06 – Intro and Overview
0:00:51 – Q1: How much air should I breathe when singing?
0:02:15 – Q2: Should I breathe through the nose or the mouth?
0:03:52 – Q3: When should I breathe?
0:05:58 – The Exercises
0:06:07 – – Preparatory Exercise 1: Sniffing
0:07:19 – – Preparatory Exercise 2: Establishing the rhythm
0:07:50 – – Main Exercise 1: Exhalation with sniff
0:09:55 – – Main Exercise 2: AH on 5-tone scale
0:11:33 – Song Application: Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Wanna Cry”



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23 thoughts on “Breathing for Singing: Your Questions Answered | Singing Lessons”

  1. Great explanation. Just one thing I need to understand. When you say ‘HOLD THE AIR OUT OF YOU’  do you mean let the rest of the air out that wasn’t used for the line you just sang.  Should we push or squeeze the rest of the air out before new air comes in. and does it help if there is as little as possible AIR in the lung before we re-sniff  the air back in. Thanks you. Wish you were my teacher too-might have to get skype.

  2. Marnell Sample

    +Awesome Guy For the sniffing exercise, it’s not necessary to exhale all of your breath or even worry about controlling the diaphragm. The most important thing is simply to stay on beat. More than likely, by the time you get to the end of the exhalation, you will still have air in your lungs unless you were blowing intensely. In either case, we are trying to simulate what happens when you sing phrases, building in this quick breath as a reflex rather than something you have to think about. You just get used to allowing the body to replenish however much air it needs — all you’re doing is getting out of the way for the inhalation and letting the body do what it needs.

    By the way, your Google+ settings are such that I could not reply to you directly. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of that.

  3. Help. When I was taking singing lessons my teacher said that I need to breath out of m diaphragm slowly, I can’t do that I just can’t not at least in a song because I need to sing the next part of the song, so I usually just skip the breathing out slowly part and either don’t breath through my diaphragm or breath with it incorrectly, I just can’t do it I ever have been able to and I don’t think I ever will be able to. Also I have always had trouble breathing with my diaphragm, it’s really hard for me, I tried to do what she taught me to do to help me do it but it didn’t make it easier for me.

  4. I have problems breathing, I don’t have asthma so I don’t know what I have I just know it’s super easy for me, it’s not nearly impossible but it’s hard, so how can I train myself to breath through my diaphragm when I have this problem? What do I have to do?

  5. i didnt even realize breathing thru the nose was even used much. hmm. i noticed trying to sing no one like u by the scorpions my breathing is not set up quite right when the verse ends and going into the chorus i run out of breath. i need to pay closer attention to setting up breaths for phrases in a song better.

  6. i noticed the breathing in a little and doing that tightening up yourself a bit like your trying to absorb a punch in the midsection is a handy little trick. i hope im right on that one.

  7. I’m just learning how to sing and I’ve watched a few of your videos and haven’t noticed you comment anything about getting light headed during breathing exercises. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if its because I’m literally just starting out. I followed your breathing video and do all the steps correctly, like not breathing into my chest and that my thumbs are being pushed back while I do the “cry” technique. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  8. hi really thankful on what you do
    i just have a quick question
    you know how you said you prefer breathing from the nose
    would you still recommend breathing from your mouth if you have good control of your breath
    ounce again thank you

  9. Hi Marell, I commented on your last video about singing from the Diaphragm and saw your comment to another commenter, this is a lot faster practiced than your previous video however bringing these latest tips have shown rapid improvement also, I’m aware I need to implement them continuously for full benefit however I’m immediately noticing when singing from the diaphragm and using these I have tension in my forehead, what is it you think I’m doing incorrectly?

  10. Égon Escaliante Mancino Benites da Silva

    Hey professor ! tell me something please. How do i stop letting too much air scape ? it feels like i press too much my belly and all my vocals get this hoarse sound. It feels bad in my troath, and sounds bad too. I have this Column issue, and i cant feel correctly my diaphragm in my back. I just want that clean and soft sound. It is like my voice doesnt have that groundness, that strong resonance. What should i do ? I mean the best exercises for someone who has vocal placement but terrible breathing control.

    All good wishes to you, you’re the best. ( i actually have a vocal coach, but it is like you know the struggle i have, you understand the most troubled singers.)

    Sorry about my english 🙁

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