BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 4): Diaphragmatic Support Vs. Appoggio

In this video, I attempt to clear up the confusion about diaphragmatic support and appoggio: in particular, their differences in terms of coordination and objectives.

14 thoughts on “BREATH SUPPORT FOR SINGING (Lesson 4): Diaphragmatic Support Vs. Appoggio”

  1. Thank you! Great spirits and friendly approach!

    My goooooooodness!!!! I used to be making the mistake of trying to sing the last 2 syllables “at last” of Journey to the Past (from Anastasia) with that confused “appoggio” breathing (because I was misinformed) , and I can tell you it was NOT happening…

    Then, luckily my singing teacher (Iari Melchor!!!) pointed out to me how I was actually supposed to bread (just like YOU described the correct concept of Appoggio) and like a magic, now I have absolutely no problem singing 16 beats in one breath, in legato, holding the last note (B4b) for 14 beats with a natural vibrato, harmonics all showing up on my pitch monitor, and a slight crescendo…. The right berating is SOOOOOOOOO important and for that to happen it is critical that we actually understand what we are really talking about when using the Appoggio name. 🙂

    Thanks for helping diminish misconceptions that can hinder one’s singing progress soooooo much!

  2. José Vieira Filho

    The light is perfect in this video. Show your mouth very clear. Make some exercises using this light and position.

  3. Justin Fields, Baritone

    Fabulous AS ALWAYS and such a needed explanation between the differences posted online. You are fantastic! 🙂

  4. Patricia Podolyak

    Excellent! Although it may seem simple… there is so much confusion around there. Thanks for your teaching. I remember when I was first thaught breathing for singing, I was told to open the ribs (or letting them to open) when air comes in the body and then begin to sing. It was halfway from any of these two methods and very far from a good technique! and also, not effective at all, since the only thing I was doing was to open ribs but with no engagement whatsoever of any muscles! Fortunately, years later, books and other teachers later, I managed to fully understand this appoggio technique and am still training in it since this is a continual learning.

  5. Nice distinction – thanks! You mentioned Alan Greene (The new voice) a while ago. I have since ordered his book and been looking into his techniques, but I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this subject, as his approach is definitely different to any other I’ve come across (although of course, his ideas compliment and lie in harmony with good technique.)

  6. Hey Karyn. I’m just curious as to when we’ll get to see you singing a song? I’m really curious as to what your voice sounds like. 😁

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