[Blind Commentary] Twilit Sprakle Takes Singing Lessons in Hell

My blind commentary reaction to Twilit Sprakle Takes Singing Lessons in Hell, a YTP by SuperDirectorGuy.

You know, even as YTP titles go, this one seems to really lack any relevance to he video.

Hope you like the commentary. Let me know if you do. Follow me on Twitter:

The original video is the work of SuperDirectorGuy and can be found here:

My Little Pony and all related characters belong to Hasbro. I own only my voice.


26 thoughts on “[Blind Commentary] Twilit Sprakle Takes Singing Lessons in Hell”

  1. GMDash NemesisSP

    The last time I was this early…

    Over watch wasn’t out yet and Rarity Dash’s channel was grounded.

  2. hawthornbunny

    Can you react to “Everything Right/Wrong With Pokemon 2000 in 14 Minutes or
    Less (Cinemasins Parody)” by EquesTron? I think you’ll enjoy it, even if
    you haven’t seen that movie. :)

  3. You misspelled the title. It’s Twilight not “Twilit”


    Never mind I just looked up for the original title of the video.

  4. If you ever do another short animation compilation, I highly suggest “[SFM]
    MLP Pony dance club (Bonus for 1000 subscribers) [PMV] [eng&esp sub]” by
    EverFree Team.

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