[BEST TUTORIAL] How to Sing Adele Hello (Part 1/4) CHORUS

Once Adele released her latest single, “Hello”, I fell deeply in love with the song, it’s so heart wrenching and what a power ballad! There are so many great vocal techniques used in the song that I had to do this video tutorial and share it to the world! Hope you’ll find this very in-depth free online singing lesson helpful. This is just Part 1 of a 4-Part Series of breaking down the song and teaching you how to sing like Adele!

Watch Part 2 here:

Part 3:


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Narelle Ong


1) Introduction 00:10
2) Overview of 5 Fundamental Keys to Mastering this Song 01:00
3) Key #1 Pitch & Improvisations + Key #2 Vowel Modifications & Connecting Lyrics 04:14
4) Key #3 Utilisation of Appropriate “Voices” 16:20
5) Key #4 Breath Management 22:11
6) Key #5 Emoting the Song & Styling 30:11

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40 thoughts on “[BEST TUTORIAL] How to Sing Adele Hello (Part 1/4) CHORUS”

  1. Narelle your are an Angel. Is not easy to sing good. But you made
    everything looks like easy learning. I’m so far from Singapore i can not
    take your personal classes. People around you is lucky because they can go
    to your personal teaching. Thanks for your videos…

  2. thank you very much it ‘s very helpful
    i’m waiting the next parts; hope it won’t be in a long time
    and i hope there would be a bunch of other videos

  3. Hi there! I just recently started getting really into singing and I’m not
    familiar with letters and some singing terminology! It would be amazing if
    you could make a video about the letters soon because I think you’re an
    amazing teacher 🙂 by the way, do you have perfect pitch?

  4. This is so helpful!!Thank You so much!!! I would appreciate if I can get
    the entire modified lyrics for the entire song tho!!!but thanks for the
    video 🙂 it helped me alot

  5. Narelle Ong Vocal Studio

    Hi fellow Youtubers and my dear Subscribers, I’m happy to announce that
    Part 2 of this 4-Part Series Video Tutorial on #howtosinglikeadele
    #howtosingadelehello #adelehellocover is finally up for viewing! Check it
    out here:
    Thank you very much for your support and Happy Singing!
    With Love, Voice Technique & Vocal Coach Narelle Ong :-)

  6. You are such a nice person. a positive and friendly approach to introduce
    and explain the song.
    Singlish <3
    HAALLO.. haha
    best video.
    keep it coming

  7. Thank you for your helpful video. I’m curious why you sang “the” rather
    than the “dee” you had suggested at 7:33?

  8. Hi i live in Singapore i am 13 years old i am looking for a vocal teacher
    sooo i am planning to have u as my vocal teacher soo is there anyway u
    could teach me like do u have a music school or is it just 1to1 training
    btw looking for 1 to 1 training hope u reply and btw happy new year

  9. thxit helped me with my school concert because I was about to sing hello
    and I freaked out. Thank you for the chords once again

  10. it’s the most informative tutorial on singing a song. I really love your
    approach to a song. Could you please do some Beyonce’s songs cause there
    are a lot of difficult vocal runs?

  11. adrian newman

    narelle ive got to say that explanation of the song, broken down like that
    was fantastic, and you are so cute, it was a privelidge watching that,
    adrian from the uk blown away.

  12. Wow this series is soooo helpful!! Thank you for taking all the time and
    effort to teach us for FREE!! I am taking voice lessons, and am
    knowledgeable about a lot of the technique but I find it hard to always
    make sure I’m doing it right so I found these lessons to really help with
    that. This was like a long private lesson and I’d hate to see you start
    cutting them short like all the other videos on here. Although this must
    have taken hours of work for you! Just want you to know how much it’s
    appreciated and how much I’m looking forward to more videos!! Perhaps in
    depth on placement, how to use front mask, how to smoothly transition btw
    the different voices, how not to crack, breath support (my worst enemy)
    etc. I also saw a cool video by Sophie Shear about how there are 6 things
    to add to a song to make it more pleasing/interesting. Things like vocal
    fry, soft/loud, trills/runs, changes in pronunciation, (I can’t remember
    the rest), but a video in more depth on that would be awesome!

  13. PArt 2 of my message:
    Lastly Im having trouble getting emotion into my recorded sound. For
    example if I’m singing something sad/depressed how can you make that heard
    in my voice if not seeing it in my face? So I’d like to learn how to
    manipulate my voice to add emotion to the actual sound of the song. (Just
    some ideas)
    Anyway LOVE this and thanks for your time and sharing your expertise!!!!!

  14. Oh and vibrato. That’s driving me crazy. I’m slowly getting how to do
    vibrato but would love a really in depth lesson on it…. If you’re so
    inclined. 😁

  15. Narelle Ong Vocal Studio

    Hi fellow Youtubers and Subscribers, Part 3 of this 4-Part Series Video
    Tutorial is up for viewing now! #howtosinglikeadele #howtosingadelehello
    #adelehellocover Check it out here:

    Thank you very much for your support and Happy Singing!

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