Beginner Ukulele Tutorial – How to Play (& sing) 3 easy songs

Beginner Ukulele Tutorial – How to Play 3 basic songs – RipTide, I Don’t Know my Name & House of Gold. Hear me SING & PLAY, no hate cause I am a beginner player, I started playing when I got my ukulele for my 11th birthday in January, 2017. I watched youtube videos & taught myself how to play, so now it is my turn to teach you what I learned!

If you get a ukulele for Christmas this year, then remember this video & come back & I will teach you the basic ukulele language – how to tune, frets, chords, strumming, & how to put it all together in 3 simple songs. RIpTide is the easiest, so start there for sure!

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Getting my ukulele VLOG
Ukulele Progress VLOG
About the Ukulele Tuning app

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40 thoughts on “Beginner Ukulele Tutorial – How to Play (& sing) 3 easy songs”

  1. I live in australia and when i saw your Chicago vlog i was waiting till this video was uploaded and I also added a world clock to see when it would be posted

  2. Nice tutorial ✩
    I’ve been playing uke for about 2 to 3 years now and just play it whenever I want to, so it’s kind of a hobby for when i have free time ♡ And when I like a song I just look up or improvise the chords and yeah ♡ It’s great that you’re also playing it and showing others how to play some easy beginner-chords, because ukulele really is a super simple instrument that pretty much anyone can master ♡ so if anyone is thinking about getting a ukulele, I really recommend just to get it, it will be worth it, no matter if you have any experience or not ♡ I literally started playing it the day I got it! ♡ And now I even write very own songs with my ukulele (and sometimes piano) ♡
    ~Amber ♡

  3. Annie your so good at singing I wish I had your voice 💙💙 and your so good at the ukulele I learnt all those songs just from watching your video over and over again. Pleaseeeeee do more ukulele videos

  4. Annie, I know you said not to comment about your singing, but I have to…its SO good! You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. It is beautiful, and so are you

  5. Hi Annie!! Great video!! Love it! I was wondering where did your family get your ukulele? I would really love to know, I would love one for Christmas and need to know where to get one for decent price 😊😜

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