Beginner Singing Lessons – Finding Your Tone (Part One)


Beginners Singing Lessons

Today I want to talk about where to start as an absolute beginner singer. Let’s say that you have never had a singing lesson in your life, you’ve never sung a note and you honestly don’t know where to begin.

Singing can be a really confronting thing to learn how to do. Unlike a guitar or a piano where if you make a few mistakes it doesn’t really matter, when you sing it’s a reflection of you, your insecurities, fears and confidence.

41 thoughts on “Beginner Singing Lessons – Finding Your Tone (Part One)”

  1. Jeffery Chaffin

    @Kethyln Bee Don’t be embarrassed, keep practicing by singing the song you
    like..Don’t sing along to it while you’re learning it, though, because
    you’ll try to sound like the person singing the original.. It’s better to
    sing from your diaphragm, not your throat. Also, when you breathe, make
    sure you standing upright, and your body is fully loosened. I found a great
    singing lesson called “Singing Voice Perfection” on Google. Follow their
    tips, I guarantee you’ll find your tune easily 🙂

  2. you know i really started watching this video with an intention to learn
    how to sing… but it’s really very hard not to laugh watching him say

  3. When I was a little girl at the school I sang and everyone laugh at me even
    my teacher, and ever since I couldn’t sing again and now after 40 years I
    want to put that trauma away from me and give myself a chance and I want to
    thank you for the opportunity.

  4. that’s just one of those guy drawing while someone talks about some amazing
    thing they are going to show or tell you but never do and it all ends up a
    sales pitch for some thing or another.

  5. Discover how to improve your vocal tone, control, power, resonance, stamina, confidence, range, and simply become a better overall singer in record time.

  6. is it necessary to first learn any instrument like guitar or piano? becua
    se i really cant i am not allowed to sing therefore my parents wont allowed
    me to buy any instrument!

  7. Very important tip!! The audio levels in your videos are very low. This
    is a no-no for music lessons. If someone has their speaker volume at a
    normal level (e.g. for normal songs, movies, etc), your video will be much
    quieter. (It’s almost ironic that lessons on singing loudly don’t have
    proper audio levels, so people may not think to turn up the volume.) To
    see what I’m talking about, extract the audio from this video to a WAV file
    (e.g. by dragging the video on your hard-drive into a program like AoA
    Audio Extractor and selecting “To WAV”), then load the wav file with an
    audio-editing program like Audacity (free). You see in audacity that the
    blue peaks are nowhere near maximum. This is bad. To fix it, use ctrl-A
    to select all, and select “Amplify” from the “Effect” menu at the top, and
    hit OK. These levels are much more preferable, and you may even further
    amplify shorter passages of a few seconds by selecting with the mouse then
    hitting amplify for each shorter passage. Now you can graft this audio
    back onto the video with video editing software (when you do, save to the
    highest-quality video/audio possible, preferably lossless, and upload that
    video to youtube/etc; any loss of video quality in this process is trivial
    compared to the louder audio). Ideally, you want to aim to achieve high
    levels in your initial recordings, without having to treat the audio.
    Experiment by speaking louder or turning up the recording volume, then
    loading that audio into Audacity to see how your audio turned out. You may
    want to use a standard mic when you record your tutorials. It may look a
    little tacky, but the better audio is more important. Remember, your
    overall goal is to speak and sing TO your students THROUGH their equipment,
    so it sounds as much as possible like you’re right there in the room with
    them. Hope this helps!! Thank you for your lessons.

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    Figure what it like been for a while still singing because I passion oh
    men, did that some learn different been to that donut drive mhm.

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