Beginner Singing Lessons – E Ay and Ah vowel sounds

Beginner singing lessons!

Beginners have different needs in learning how to sing than those who are returning to singing after a break or are already established with good practice habits.

My beginner singing videos are sensitive to those needs and can help you get started properly on using your voice to sing with more confidence and control.

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Jeff Rolka


8 thoughts on “Beginner Singing Lessons – E Ay and Ah vowel sounds”

  1. Not many fews like other vids but this is the only one i found who actually
    pratice WITH you from beginning till the end. The same way when i was
    taking singing lessons.

  2. Already commented on this video but im realizing the genius in the
    simplicity of the exercise. The pattern is easy and the tempo not too fast
    which allows pure focus on the resonance and tone of the vowel sounds. I
    incorporate the short breath between the ascending notes technique you
    outline in another video which makes the tones even better.

    I like replaying the second part of the video and practicing with all kinds
    of vowel combinations. Very satisfying hearing the tone get more consistent
    between vowels and up and down the range.

    Thanks again Jeff, your videos are fantastic and you are a very likeable,
    genuine person.

  3. Hey Jeff, I’ve heard you talk about total onset and I get the basic Idea
    behind it, or at least I think I do, but what about how to end a phrase, or
    a word in a song, or as in this exercise, the end of the note before you
    sing the next one. Do you extend the airflow past the end of the note? And
    if so, how much air? And what do you want it to sound like exactly? I find
    the end of my longer notes are sometimes a bit weak, a bit of vibrato and
    then kind of trails off… If you’ve covered this in a video I apologize.
    Thanks as always Jeff for the fantastic videos, I owe you big time!

  4. Thanks for this and other videos, clear and achieveable great instruction.
    At the age of 65 entering a new phase having been asked to be the singer in
    a rock and roll band, previously thought I was just a musician. Looking
    forward to getting better with help.Thanks!

  5. But, whilst you may like your temporary Barry White? status (think Phoebe from friends when she has her sexy phlegm?!), this can actually give you difficulties with singing.

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