Bass Singing Tips – How NOT To Sing Bass With Pat Barker

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This video was done as a joke. In no way, will doing any of this help you. It is not intended to be taken seriously. Pat Barker is a funny guy and thought this would be a fun thing to do. Enjoy some humor!

22 thoughts on “Bass Singing Tips – How NOT To Sing Bass With Pat Barker”

  1. Hello I’ve tried to enter the Facebook chat but nothing has come up may you please accept me to the Bass singing central Facebook group

  2. At my age I have a high range that isn’t classified as a bass. Not sure how to become a bass instead of a baritone. Still trying though.

    1. Bass Singing Central

      +Comic Wars it’s a process. At the end of the day everybody can’t become a bass, you have to have natural abilities as well as training

  3. Funny video but if a person doesn’t know anything, they may take this serious. Badicslly, do the opposite of what Pat says here. … Pat is a great bass and he seems to be poking fun here I suppose but s.g.m. is more, or should be more, about ministry. George Younce gave me the best advice evwr, concentrate on being a low singer and depth will come. Tone placement is the difference is aound. I have heard Matt Goucher when he was starting out with Sould Out and now with Legacy Five. He has developed bettwr tone placement and you can hear a big difference. Tim Riley, Jeff Chapman, Chris West….all the really.”cut” sounding bass singers ALL use tone placement to project and get that rich siund. It’s not volume as much as using the resonating chambers in your mask. Relax. breath properly and practice tone placement but for southern gospel, don’t worry about what notes your.hitting, be a willing vessel God can use!

  4. sometimes I purposely sing a little louder then what is written for church music to make my bass voice carry farther out there are no mics I use all the voice placements without the fry try for the maximum blend of resonating with allot of air to drive the lower notes and get the tongue out of the way. I feel the voice box force down gets the fry sound and the tone goes in the wastepaper basket. I m still learning as a bass. we need great tone and power without the strain to sing good.Any suggestions for projection for us basses
    No mic bass.

    1. Bass Singing Central

      +D Clark this video was done as a joke for sure. Projection is definitely something to strive to learn and do better at. Fry is no good in my opinion.

  5. Desmond Fowler

    It really is funny how many people don’t even bother to read the title of the video they’re watching. “How NOT to Sing Bass,” people. This is some funny stuff, guys. Good work!

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