19 thoughts on “Baritones – This is how to sing in Middle Voice! | Connect Chest and Head”

  1. Railand dos Santos

    Hi Keegan, I really like your videos about vocal techiques directed to low voices. As a baritone, the videos have helped in my vocal studies as a complement to my vocal classes here in Brazil. I would like to make a question. As a baritone, is really difficult to me sing notes like G#4 A4 in mix voice, I always flip into headvoice. How do I could sing these high notes in mix, without strain? This “inhalare” techiques could be the way to get there??? Could you make a video giving tips to get these notes? thanks and congratulations from Brazil !!!

    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio

      Hey Railand! Thanks for the kind words.

      Remember, always sing TOWARDS another vocal register, don’t try to ‘avoid’ head voice or you’ll lock your chords rather letting them zip naturally.

      Also, top vowel position – think towards your eyes or change your character to “OO” subtly.

      Inhalare La Voce is a classical spin on the way I teach, so you’re better of thinking of projection each time you hit a new vowel position/resonance chamber.

      All the best,


    1. Bohemian Vocal Studio

      Keep working at it! This video is a great starting point for ‘finding’ your mix so you can strengthen that upper mid area. You’re welcome to book a session with me and we’ll go through it together.


    2. Bohemian Vocal Studio and how do I strengthen my head voice? :3 and one more question, how do I sing for example higher but still smooth and in a regular volume?

    3. Bohemian Vocal Studio

      I’d really need to hear your voice to give you a proper guide, but in general, you should release into ‘middle’ at your first break (if you’re a baritone, this will be anywhere from an A to about an E) and use the first vowel position, or “OH” vowel character moving towards “OO” in a gradual way as you ascend. I’m not sure where your technique is at etc, so again, this is just general. If you’re not breathing and placing properly then basically none of it will work…

  2. Hey K how do I sing with anxiety?? Because when I’m at home I can go to an a4 or somethin like that but when I sing ina live performance I can’t get into my mixed voice at all! And I can’t sing above f4 or so. Due to anxiety, my voice doesn’t go into a mixed. How do I fix this?!

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