Barbara Lewis – Sing High Notes! SINGING AFTER FORTY! SINGING LESSON #3 –

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READ MORE ABOUT THESE EXERCISES! In the free, nine-part “Sing With Me” series, Singer/Vocal coach, Barbara Lewis demonstrates two exercises that take singers into the high range in a way that reduces the possibility of strain or pushing.

32 thoughts on “Barbara Lewis – Sing High Notes! SINGING AFTER FORTY! SINGING LESSON #3 –”

  1. No Hurricaneloke, these tips are good for any singer of any age. At age 14,
    you also want to learn how to sing high notes without strain. Good luck to
    you! Keep singing!

  2. thanks for your tips , but I don’t know how to not strain , cause i’ve been
    training myself in the christina aguilera way , I’m having trouble to sing
    a high note clearly

  3. Hello again, hurricaneioke, It may be time for you to have a few lessons
    from a good singing teacher who likes your kind of music, especially if you
    feel you are straining your voice. Also, along with Christina Aguilera, try
    listening to other kinds of singers who sing in different styles – without

  4. Yes, if you like those singers. Each of them had/has wonderful voices. At
    your age, it makes sense to listen to many different kinds of singing so
    that you know what the possibilities are. You will hear how some singers
    can use a wide range without strain… Good for your musical ear to hear

  5. I need help everything i try to sing high notes my throat at first feels
    fine but then after a while it starts to get sore. I want to sing high note
    like Mariah Carey without raising my larynx, I don’t want to sound like I’m
    straining my voice I want it to sound beautiful and powerful. Please help!!!

  6. I’m 48 and since giving up smoking I’m beginning to sing which I loved to
    do as a child. I find Kirsty MacCol’s songs very difficult to sing as well
    as Blondie’s early 80s work although Maria is easy for me I don’t know why
    I started doing this but it makes me feel good. I was told that women’s
    voices age quicker than men’s. I really like you lessons, thanks for
    uploading them. 🙂

  7. Barbara Lewis

    Thank you for your comments. It’s good that you have stopped smoking. Your
    singing voice will thank you! So will your lungs! There is nothing like
    singing to give us a deep feeling of satisfaction. Kind of mysterious, but
    true, I wish you great singing!

  8. Barbara Lewis

    I suggest you find a singing teacher who works with pop singers like you.
    You may find that with just a little bit of coaching, you will sing with
    less strain. Singing is not easy. It takes time and patience. Get some
    help. And take your time!

  9. Richard John Smith

    Thanks for sharing your skills! At forty six I have come to realize that if
    you truly enjoy the moment then you are living life right. Singing makes me
    be a better person, since I have taken singing seriously I have quit
    smoking and drinking and now jog to get the best high ever! The problem
    with my voice is I have never taken the time to wonder why I can only
    scream a song as opposed to sing it. With your lessons I am stepping back
    to start again and doors are opening quickly and painlessly.LV

  10. im 13 and my voice is changing whenever i try to do fasetto it turns out to
    be either a really strained chest voice or a head voice. i just cant get
    that falsetto do you have anything for that?

  11. im 13 and my voice is changing. whenever i try falsetto i always go into a
    strained chest voice or switch to head voice. i just cant get the falsetto
    though, so what do you recommend?

  12. barbaralewisvocalist

    Hello Richard, I missed seeing your comment. What a great response to
    singing! I believe as you do, that the process of learning how to sing can
    bring some very unexpected benefits into our lives. Thank you for sharing
    your experience. I wish you great singing! – Barbara

  13. HI Kim, Entering on a high G is tricky. I find that what works for me on
    high entries is to practice a humming exercise starting on high-ish entry
    notes. Don’t start right away on the high G – but build up to it as you
    would in any exercise. Perhaps begin on C above middle C. And hum 5 notes
    down. C,B,A,G,F. etc. But there are other ways to approach this challenge
    too if humming is not easy for you. I will be creating more videos on these
    kinds of needs. Good luck!

  14. Jeremiah Atkins

    If you are truly serious about singing and happen to accomplish your goals in locating a voice coach and receive proper instruction, it would benefit you greatly to be able to showcase your voice.

  15. Learn to sing at City Academy, a number one London singing college providing adult singing classes for all abilities; with Beginners , Improvers and Advanced ranges.

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...