Are Some Singers Really Tone Deaf | Learn How to Sing In Tune – Vocal Myths Exposed

Are Some Singers Really Tone Deaf | Learn How to Sing In Tune —
Have you been told you are tone deaf? Have you ever heard a terrible singer and wondered how they could sing so out of tune? Singing out of tune or off key is one of the main reasons beginning singers sound bad. Seattle Vocal Coach, Valerie White Williams, explains how and why some beginners struggle with tone deafness and how singers can learn to match pitch and sing in tune. Everyone can learn to match pitch when they learn to feel an inner sensation by feeling the vibration of the pitch inside their body and head.


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14 thoughts on “Are Some Singers Really Tone Deaf | Learn How to Sing In Tune – Vocal Myths Exposed”

  1. You might want to read about congenital amusia. There IS such a thing as being tone-deaf. There is a lot of research going on about that issue.

  2. Yes, tone deaf exists. If you can’t hear the difference between a tone deaf singing, and one that is not tone deaf, then you are most likely tone deaf aswell.

  3. Vocal Splendor Studios

    Thank you for sharing. I did some reading of the medical briefs and the findings are fascinating but they don’t necessarily negate my experience when working with “pitch challenged” singers. I would agree with their findings of 5% percent of the population having this disability. However, the research has also shown increased ability in youth to match pitch after piano and voice lessons. These folks can learn to sing but they will have to work much harder than more gifted singers.

  4. Vocal Splendor Studios

    Being stupid has nothing to do with it! In fact, many people who have problems matching pitch tend to “over think” the process rather than learning to focus internally on a physical level and “feel” the correct pitches. But like most things, good manners and a good work ethic and attitude can take you far in life.

  5. Brittany Phillips

    I would disagree with you. There really are people, me being one of them that are truly tone deaf. Playing two notes on a piano (that are not drastically different) I really could not tell you which is higher and which is lower. There are people that truly cannot hear tone. I do agree with the word being used wrong though, there is a difference between being a bad singer and being tone deaf. However, please note that there are tone deaf people.

  6. Tiwaking Tiwaking

    I know a few people who are tone deaf. What happens is many notes go in, but only one note comes out: The wrong note

  7. richard coburn

    interesting video very true whats been said .i strongly do believe though that to be musicaly tallented it has to be in you . if its what you really want and its what you have wanted from being a child listening to your favorite music . you will be good .but if someone is really bad and its not really in them then trying to teach them will be very hard. you have to be musicaly minded you really do.

  8. Valerie why don’t you come on over Valerie be bada ba why don’t you come on over Valerie well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water

  9. Vocal Splendor Studios

    Out of 27 years of teaching voice lessons, I’ve had a 100% success rate in helping singers who thought they were tone deaf. Musical training and listening skills can be learned and skills increase through regular practice. 🙂 #practicecounts

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