Anyone can sing with Auto-Tune

WCPO-9 News anchor Tanya O’Rourke puts auto-tune technology to the test.

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40 thoughts on “Anyone can sing with Auto-Tune”

  1. If I was a singer, I would be ashamed to use “auto tune” What’s next, auto chord for rhythm guitarists and auto solo for wannabe lead guitarists? I’d rather hear their actual performances.

  2. That 2006 YouTube vibe tho

    Also I feel like they are kinda trying to insult Daft Punk and idk why

    Also “I’m sorry I fudged that up.” Is now the quote I live by

  3. auto tune is a musical instrument, and should be respected as one. idiots who know nothing about music production act like art is not real, its mostly used to make very fine adjustments so that everything sits well., when you an hear it that is also on purpose, it is being used as an effect, just like chorus or reverb, its not a big deal. although it is very over priced for what it is. and how bad it sounds when misused or used as an effect.
    saying that using autotune for a project, makes the artist fraud is outdated, its like saying a photographer has no talent just because it used lightroom to make small lighting and contrast adjustments, if they had talent as a photographer they wouldn’t need to edit, which is bogus, everyone hates music out of jealousy and ignorance, autotune is black magic. its more fraud as journalist to spread hysteria, than it is for an engineer to do it’s job,

  4. Autotune has ruined the industry. I am 32 and I feel so bad for young people these days not to know talent like Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole or Sammy Davis Jr who could sing, dance, play 4 instruments, tap dance, do impressions ,act and was one of the best 6 gun shooters alive

  5. Nicht von dieser Welt

    I disagree. We had this girl in Germany, she has this beauty channel. She did have a song produced to which she sang. And not all autotune in this world could cascade her bad singing. People even figured out how to take away the autotune filters since she sang so bad it was easy to filter it out. And her true singing voice was available.
    No, autotune does not make you a talented singer. But I think how good you can mask your lousy singing also depends on what else you use to hide it.

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