“Anyone Can learn how to Sing” High note exercise

In this Video i explain why i think anyone can sing.
Sorry the audio in the video. It is a bit distorted toward the end.

Lessons www.theanalogvoice.com
If you are not totally delighted after your very
first lesson will happily
give you a refund.
Happy Singing

Analog Voice
I care passionately about teaching. and about my student’s development and growth. I’m devoted to making sure that my clients achieve their goals, musically.

My technique leads you to a stronger, more reliable voice enabling you to sing your entire range and to do it better. My students are ultimately able to hear their true tone.

My specialty is working with beginners. Because I was once a bad singer, I understand the frustration. If I can learn, anybody can.


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Lessons www.theanalogvoice.com

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