AIN’T NOBODY ~ Ukulele Lesson Chaka Khan

Ukulele lesson for “Ain’t Nobody” of the inimitable and immortal Chaka Khan, remixed recently in 2014 by Felix Jaehn with Jasmine Thompson – this was by request and who doesn’t love some Chaka!!!

Recorded in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ukulele by Bondi!
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Lesson Schedule:
Intro – 0 – 0:47
Demo – 0:47 – 2:00
Chords – 2:00 – 3:08
Strum – 3:08 – 4:06
Verse/Intro with a handy tip – 4:06 – 6:05
Chorus – 6:05 – 7:00
Bridge – 7:00 – 7:35
Chord Variations – 7:35 – 8:50
Bye Bye 8:50 – End

Basic Strum #2:


16 thoughts on “AIN’T NOBODY ~ Ukulele Lesson Chaka Khan”

  1. OMG!!! I can’t believe you did it so fast!!!!! thank you thank you thank you. I wanted it so I can play it in a reunion and I’m so going to be able to do it thanx to you. Love from Mexico.

    1. Very cool!!! When people make requests that ‘align’ with the channel, I’m more motivated to get them done haha! Where are you in Mexico?

    2. Traveling Uke  I live in Querétaro City which is 2 hours 30 minutes north of Mexico City. But I’m from a city further north called Torreón, Coahuila. And you’re more than welcome to come and visit anytime, you have a house here.

    3. Traveling Uke  uuuuuh I can make a very long list jajaja… what about “Groove is in the Heart” Dee-lite, “You give me something” Jamiroquai, “Change” Lisa Stanfield, “Haunt me” Sade, Prince, Neneh Cherry, early No Doubt, “Love Shack or Roam” B-52.. but I know you are very busy so I´ll practice Ain’t Nobody first. 😉

    4. Cool! Search the channel – deeelite is already there and I think some Prince. Usually there’s a at least one Prince lesson posted. I hesitate to put up too much prince because his camp used to give me copyright strikes and you get shut down with too many. Not as risky though since he left us. When I launch Patreon, I’ll be doing loads of Prince stuff there.

    1. Honey I am LIVING in these glasses lately, they’re so fun. I posted a bit of Bennie and The Jets on my instagram (brookepalmermusic) because they make me feel very Elton😜

  2. Rudy Ramirez Jr

    Can I request a song? The Girl is Mine? Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney since we’re going 80’s here?

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