About 1 year of singing (self taught)

Documented this to watch my progress, enjoy! Shortcuts: Start: 0:08 4mo: 1:40 7mo: 5:13 10mo: 12:29 2yrs:

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  1. DeadlyDeadlyBeees

    Omg 15:30 please do every Justin Bieber song in that style, it is pure gold. I think those would make for some awesome parody covers to throw up here. Overall though I loved hearing your progress, nice sound and lots of improvement!!

    1. Hah thank you! I had a blast doing covers in that voice. I definitely considered covering pop songs like that but ultimately decided not to… now you’re making me re-think it 😛

    1. Is this a life lesson question or a technique question? If it’s a technique question, it’d be singing with my nose plugged for about a day. It really helps you be more aware of just how much air you’re unintentionally releasing nasally which really kills your tone. It was one of the quickest ways I improved my tone!

  2. How did you improve your range so much?? I’m struggling to get a g4 without straining and it’s killing me that I can’t expand my range any. I’d love to be able to cover a panic! Song like you did at the end but I’ve hit a wall. I don’t know if it’s because I’m 17 and still don’t have a fully matured voice or what but if you have any tips I’d really appreciate it! Also, awesome progress on your end 🙂

    1. It is hard to explain, somewhere around 1:00 I began to tap into my belt register and once I gained more and more control over it singing high wasn’t as much of an issue

    1. I would like to and have thought about it but I don’t think I’m qualified. Definitely wouldn’t want to give out wrong information.

  3. Adorable Princess Fairy

    You sound like a professional singer. 😍 This gives me hope for my voice. I really want to be like Lionel Richie in that he isn’t scared of doing different genres. The only thing Mr. Richie and I have in common right now is the ethnicity we put down on paper, we both need all the things in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and we both have voices (albeit his is much better when he sings 😂).
    Thanks for the inspiration. And I had to subscribe of course because some people who do tours don’t even sound as good as you. 😊 Oh, and your music taste is wonderful. Kiwi by Harry Styles and Panic! At The Disco, yes please! This chick has some singing to do. I wish you all the best. ❤

  4. That queen was… ymmm…. I mean you fucked up what’s the easiest and did awesome at that’s what the hardest… I have the same on math tests, but singing? I am impressed

    1. While learning I purposely went after songs all over the place, especially when they highlighted a certain technique I wanted to practice, whether I enjoyed them or not.

    1. The only real exercise I did was relative pitch exercises where I would sing scales over chords on the piano. Other than that I just sang all the time, often mimicking other singers intentionally because it helped me discover new ways to do things!

  5. R u i o i o i o

    He’s aware that he’s a bad singer but he’s trying and that’s what you guys should remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad singer because if you keep doing it and if you keep being motivated you’ll improve like this guy.

  6. This is so amazing!!! The confidence you have to post your early days as a singer to help other people is so inspiring. I hope you continue your journey as a musician because you are the true definition of hardworking and talented!

    1. Apocalyptica – Bittersweet, Original track never released, Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day, 30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane, My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You, Harry Styles – Sign of Times, My Chemical Romance – The World Is Ugly

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